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  1. Default Is this a crazy idea?

    My fiancee and I are thinking of a road trip to Florida from DC in late december. Basically, be in miami for the new yrs eve. We wanna spend some quality time together and not drive too much as well.

    Here is our plan:

    Fri (12/28) morning: From DC to Dillon, SC (spend some time at South of the border).
    Fri (12/28) night: stay in Savannah.
    Sat (12/29) morning: siteseeting Savannah-
    Sat (12/29) afternoon: Go to orlando and Sat night stay in Orlando.
    Sun (12/30): All day in Orlando
    Sun(12/30): Late evening- go to Miami
    Mon (12/31 and morning 1/1): Stay in Miami
    Drive back with possible one stop on 1/1 evening

    IS THAT TOO CRAZY of AN IDEA? meaning will that be too much driving? And especially in december, when it is going to be cold, shorter days and possible snow...we will jsut end up in hotel rooms....

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    Default not bad

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being not crazy at all, and 10 being insane, I'd put your plans at about a 3.

    Really, things seem fairly well spaced out. You'll have a fairly long day getting to Savannah. You'll have some time to spend at south of the border, but I'd expect to be getting in fairly late.

    Otherwise, you're at least giving yourself time to stop and see things, so you won't be on the road non-stop.

    The only really crazy part would be your return trip, where you say you'll possibly stop on the way back. Its more than 1000 miles, which is basically 2 full days on the road. A stop at a motel for a night on the way back will be pretty much required.

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    Default Don't forget the weather

    Quote Originally Posted by dc_fl_rdtrip View Post
    Sat (12/29) afternoon: Go to orlando and Sat night stay in Orlando.
    Sun (12/30): All day in Orlando
    Make sure you take warm clothing. I spent New Years eve 2001 in Orlando. It was the coldest I have ever been.....and I live in Denver now. I only had a light jacket with me, it was a miserable night.

    Since Orlando is in the middle of the state it doesn't enjoy the warm ocean breezes like eastern parts of the state. When a cold front roars through it's preceded by rain, which makes the weather cold and humid. That humidity chills you to the bone. Temperatures in the 20's are not unheard of in the Orlando area.

    Check the weather and prepare accordingly.

    Mother hen signing off :)

  4. Default well then...

    Thanks, Michael and Willyh!

    I realize the issue of driving back from Miami. I am now thinking of taking Miami out of the picture and stay in Orlando for the new yrs...that way we won't be tired on the drive back (at least 4 hrs less) and will do it with a stop as well (may be Charlseton on the 1st-and add to the siteseeing locations as well).

    I am sure there will be plenty of things to do in Orlando/Daytona beach for 2 days (30 and 31st)...especially the the new yrs eve. any pointers on that?

    The weather issue is really tricky part of this trip.....both of us have EXACTLY opposite likings on that...figure that out! :)

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    Default It Can Get Cold in Fla

    I can remember being in Key West and really being cold. December can definitely be cold in the Sunshine State.

    Sounds like a great trip.

    You might also want to think about a stop in St. Augustine for the Spanish Colonial experience.

  6. Default downtown Orlando

    I'd definitely check out downtown Orlando while you are there. It's got a edgy, college vibe. I was there a the day after new year's eve 2 years ago and had a great time. It's about a 20 minute drive from Disneyworld. Oh yeah, and I was living in jeans and a heavy sweater while I was visiting there.

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