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  1. Default crossing between ecuador and peru?

    It's a short trip, just over two weeks, but my friend are flying to guayaquil, ecuador, and were planning on renting a car, and surfing the ecaudorian coast, then crossing into peru and surfing the northern peruvian coast, a sidetrip to the amazon is also in the cards. I have heard that you cannot cross from ecuador into peru, is this true? Is there no rental company that has an agreement between these two countries? If it is true, then whats the best thing to do? I guess take a bus into peru and then perhaps hire a car there, the thing is, we want to hug the coast and I'm guessing the border towns don't have rental cars? Two weeks is a bit short to buy and sell a car, and we don't want to have to fly to lima, then drive up north, drive back to lima, and fly back to guayaquil? Are we better off just sticking with ecuador? Flying to the galapagos is an option.


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    I would be pretty surprised if there was any rental company that would allow you to cross the border. If you did enough investigation, you might find a company that will allow it, but its pretty rare to find companies that will let you cross an international border in a rental car.

    I don't know the details of equador or peru, but from what I've seen, Central and South American Countries usually have good bus systems, in fact often times better than what you'll find in the US.

    If exploring Peru is a priority, I think the Bus will be your best option. If you really want to rent a car, then you'll probably have to stick to one country.


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