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  1. Default LA to Victoria - something fun to see?!


    Me and a friend of mine are taking a road trip to LA from Victoria, BC. We have our trip from Vic to LA all figured out, but we're looking for ideas as to what we could do on the way home.

    On the way down, we're stopping in San fran for a couple days, and then heading to LA for most of the trip. We're allowing ourselves about 3 days to head back up to Victoria, but we don't want to go back the way we came. We also want to avoid the obvious pit-stops (aka: Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, etc.) and try something new and exciting! We were thinking about going back through Nevada, to Idaho, then back to Canada, but again we're both up for ideas!

    Any suggestions as to fun things that we can do? Once in a lifetime experiences? Budget isn't really an issue in regards to hotels and stuff. We want to go "all out"!!

    Let me know!!

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    Default 3 day tour

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    With just 3 days, I don't think you have time to detour all the way back to Nevada and Idaho on the way back. You're looking at a solid 2 full day trip just to go from LA to Victoria direct.

    I personally wouldn't dismiss the obvious attractions, after all, they are popular for a reason. However, your best bet might be to do a little exploring of the Northern California/Oregon Coast. Here's a thread with some excellent links of ideas for that part of the country.

  3. Default Side trip through the cascades?

    I did a roughly similar trip last June. There's a description under road trip reports. My concern about recommending this trip for the winter is snow and ice on the roads.

    This route is directed to take you through the cascades, to a couple of interesting places..

    Day 1 - LA to near Red Bluff CA. Long day on the I-5, with potential stops up the central valley at places like Corning, but basically just making miles the first day. I wouldn't push to do Lassen on the first day, due to the narrow winding roads through the south end of the park.

    Day 2 -- Up through Lassen National Park, one of the 2 most recent explosive volcanic events in North America (other than Alaska), and then via Burney Falls to near Mt Shasta (possibly to Klamath Falls)

    Day 3 -- Through Crater Lake, then up to Victoria area that night (arriving about 9 pm, I'd guess -- maybe later depending upon ferry schedules) If you can make it to Klamath Falls would be a easier 3rd day's drive. The route for this would be either up 95 from Crater Lake, or cut back across the Cascades to I-5.
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  4. Default awesome!

    Hey guys!

    Thanks so much for replying so quickly!!

    The trip through the cascades sounds like fun!! I'd be up for it, but I'm not too sure how keen my co-pilot is going to be! I'll talk to her about it though!

    In regards to not seeing the "main attractions".....both of us have already been to most of them, and wanted to try and do something that no one that WE know has ever done. You know?? Something out of the ordinary.

    The drive from Vancouver/Victoria to LA isn't actually that bad. We're going to try to get as far as we can from LA the first day, then that way we will be a bit more relaxed on the last couple days we have!

    Thanks for the ideas so far!!!
    KEEP 'EM COMING!! ;)


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