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    Me and a few friends want to visit some of the east coast at the end of the summer before we all go back to school agian. We are in South Carolina so we are trying to decide whether to go up north or down south. We want to spend about 2 weeks and pretty cheap. There is gonna be about 4 or 5 of us so we plan to spilt everything. So any ideas, tips, or suggestions please help me out!! :) Thanks!

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    Default Go North Young Man

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums!

    Probably the two best pieced of advice I can give you are to read this article on saving money on the road, and to sit down with your friends one evening and take this 'quiz' to make sure you're all on the same page as to what you're expecting out of this trip.

    I'd also suggest that you head north rather than south, simply because you've already seen the South. On the way up the east coast, you can check out the Outer Banks, the Delmarva Peninsula and the large sities of the Northeast such a New York, Philadelphia and Washington


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    Default Northern-bound

    You have a good amount of time available to you, and you can use this time to head up North to visit much of the East coast. Are you planning on staying close to the Atlantic Ocean, or do you plan to venture inland as well?

    As far as general planning, you'll want to answer the questions in the quiz mentioned by Buck, as well as decide some other things such as what is your preferred lodging, how you will handle meals, etc.

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