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  1. Default Things to do in Vegas... and Vegas to LA

    How many miles is it from Vegas to Grand Canyon? What is the cost at venue to visit?

    How many miles is it from Vegas to Hoover Dam? What is the cost at venue to visit?

    What are some really awesome things to do while in Vegas?

    What are some really awesome places to go visit across this stretch of land?

    How many miles is it from Vegas to LA? How many driving hours would it take?

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    Default vegas basics

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Its about 275 miles, roughly 5 hours to get from Vegas to the Grand Canyon. The Hoover Dam is on the way, about 30 miles from the strip.

    Admission to the Grand Canyon National Park is $20 or $25 per carload, unless you have the $80 yearly NP Pass. It doesn't cost anything to view the Hoover Dam, although you do have to pay to go on the tour. I'm not sure how much the tour costs off hand.

    Its also about 5 hours from Vegas to LA, depending upon what part of the LA area you're planning to visit.

    Its hard to say what would be "really awesome" about Las Vegas and the area, without knowing your specific interest. However, there are many many posts with thoughts and ideas on the forum, that you could find with a search. You could also check out the Living Las Vegas section of our website to get an insiders perspective of things to see and do in Vegas.
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    ill just say this if you're looking 4 a place to get some food and want to try a buffet you cant beat the buffet @ the MGM Grand. its hands down the best buffet on the Strip.

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