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    I am a single 46 year old woman with lots of travelling experience. I am speaking at a retreat in Sedona at the end of February and am thinking of driving from Vancouver to Sedona and spending another month or so in the Sedona/Phoenix area. My 2 biggest concerns are the weather at the time of year and which route from Vancouver to Arizona (coast or go inland immediately)

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. If anybody has a great recommendation for a place to stay in Sedona or vicinity where I would have privacy, quiet and wireless internet access that would be a bonus.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Daytime highs are typically in the upper 50's and overnight lows are usually around freezing. The weather that you actually get can differ a bit from this, of course, but those are the averages for February. Snow is certainly a possibility, and would be expected if you were just a bit farther north and at a slightly higher elevation, say like in Flagstaff. Similarly, the weather could be a factor on the drive down or back. The inland route is about 180 miles shorter and, for my money, more scenic and varied, so that would be the preferred way to go, but if snowstorms are predicted for the mountains then use I-5 and I-40.

    My wife and I have stayed a few times in Sedona and have liked both of the places we've stayed at even though they're quite different. The first is Don Hoel's Cabins, which are individual cabins in the woods. Affectionately known as "Don's Holes", this property has recently been sold and is currently undergoing renovations and is not available. The other is the Junipine Resort in Oak Creek Canyon north of town. A somewhat upscale property, it's away from the bustle of downtown Sedona in a nice creekside location. There are tons of other nice places in the Sedona area, but those are the only two I have personal experience with.


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