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    So me and some friends from school are heading to the east coast and know nothing of the area or what to do along the way. We really have no plans except to have fun. And we are looking for ideas, good general advice, outdoor stuff to do, stuff to see, and places to visit. Any help would be awesome! We like the idea of camping but I don't know if the weather would be too bad. Our plan is to make it to the coast but we don't know any nice places and would like to find some. We're big into pictures and natural beauty so trying to steer clear of things that cost a lot of money. Thanks for any advice!

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    Well fortunately, the drive from Missouri to Virginia covers some of the most scenic portions of the mid-Atlantic states. Without too much trouble, you can see such scenic wonders as the Ohio River Valley, Mammoth Cave, Cumberland Gap, the New River Gorge, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Shenandoah Valley, the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. With the exception of the ranger guided tours of Mammoth Caves, none of those places cost a ton of money.

    You can expect to see near freezing overnight temperatures for at least part of your trip, So if you have camping gear that will let you be comfortable at freezing temperatures, then you can consider that, but I think you'd be hard put to find open campsites. Still it would be worth looking at the various states' park web sites to see what's available

    So, set yourselves a goal, say the Atlantic Ocean at Virginia Beach, and map out a couple of possible routes, so that you can see some different things on the way home. Look for state parks, both for natural beauty and cheap camping. Look into the general areas and parks I listed in the first paragraph. Look over some maps for historic and natural sites. Head out with an open mind and I think that with a little time, and let's be honest - at least some money, you can have a great adventure


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