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    Hi, new to the site, I've taken this trip once before but ended up making it a marathon to get from point A to B as quick as possible.

    This time around I'd like to take it a bit slower and stop and see some nice attractions/restraunts that are along the way.

    If anyone has any suggestions please let me know, I plan on doing this over 3 days and can extend it to 4.

    Trip is going to start on 4 JAN.

    Some background information:

    1) Will be traveling with my wife and our dog (Australian Shepherd) so a hotel would need to accept a pet.
    2) We both prefer natural sites such as mountains, canyons, etc... or unique museum's and shops.
    3) Restraunts, anything good but not seafood.
    4) We have no issues stopping in major cities, but only if there are unique things to see, shopping and a night life is not our priority.
    5) Demographic: we are between 25 and 29. I am into cars, she is into pottery etc... particularly polish pottery (we are currently in Germany).

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    Willkommen! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Quote Originally Posted by Fast GTO

    I'd like to take it a bit slower and...I plan on doing this over 3 days and can extend it to 4.
    Since it's over 1800 miles from Milwaukee to Sierra Vista, there is no way to do this trip in 3 days and take it a bit slower. If you want to take the time to see anything, you are going to have to extend it to 4 days, allowing at least minimal stops at sites near your main route. And even that assumes that you have no travel delays for weather, which is not at all a given since you're travelling in January.

    So I'll limit my recommendations to a few things you really should take the time to see. The Gateway Arch and Museum of Westward Expansion in St. Louis, Bennett Spring State Park and similar parks near the highway to get a taste of nature and let the dog get some exercise, and the Oklahoma City Memorial. The if you still have time, take a short detour off I-40 and up US-84 to I-25 and Santa Fe, NM to do some shopping for some serious pottery and art work, although it will be distinctly southwestern in flavor rather than Polish.


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    Heh, I did it in two days last time, so 3-4 is extended for me.

    I'm leaning towards 4 days so as not to rush it.

    Pending suggestions I could see pushing it to 5.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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