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    Default Mar 1st Roadtrip Ideas

    hello everyone, my name is steve and i am brand new to this forum.
    I am trying to plan a roadtrip which will be around a week and a half long in the the begenning of March
    i will be leaving Orange County, CA around March 1st and hope to return by the 12th of March. i will be going with a buddy of mine from highschool. He has never been out of Socal and this will be his first roadtrip. We are both looking for a good time out on the road. sightseeing, museums, national forest,famous resteraunts,paranormal hotspots, clubs, etc... so were basically looking for an adventure.
    our price range is from $1500 to $2300 for the both of us..
    besides eating at famous places.we both agree that we will pack food for the road and also, we have a couple of places to sleep at.
    My family owns a vacation home in Las Vegas and i have friends who live in Casa Grande,AZ, AND Phoenix,AZ. so i would like to incorperate those locations along the way.
    i dont mind driving, as long as i'm not lost. or snowy roads that involve climbing mountains.
    SO CAN ANYONE HELP ME MAP THIS THING OUT?????p.s. no roads that look like they came out of THE MOVIE "TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE" haha
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    Default A dose of roadtrip reality

    Quote Originally Posted by SupraRed350GT View Post
    I am trying to plan a roadtrip which will be around a week and a half long
    OK, you have about 12 days, so the easiest way to get an idea about routes, is to think about driving no more than you can safely drive in a four day radius (with four days to return and four days to allocate on exploring.) Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum. In fact, this is similar to planning for a spring break road trip so here are some tips.

    With a four day radius window, you can make a giant loop with the Grand Canyon, southern Colorado( maybe), Utah, Nevada and central California in it before you head home. Wyoming is too far for this trip. Here are some great online (free) trip planning tools.
    our price range is from $1500 to $2300 for the both of us..
    Your budget is probably fine -- here are some tips.


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