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    I am going to drive from Connecticut to California. I must be in Cali on Nov. 1. I am driving by my self and plan to depart Connecticut on Oct. 25.

    Any one want to keep me company, help driving?


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    Default Some Help Finding Help

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    We wish you the best of luck both in finding company for the ride and in having a safe and enjoyable drive to California. It might help in finding someone to share your journey if you could be a bit more specific in your destination or probable routing, and in the meantime, you can also check out these other ride share resources.


  3. Default more details

    I will be leaving the Waterbury CT area on Oct 25'th (morning hours) and my destination is Monterey Bay area (1.5h south of San Francisco). Hence my trip will be basically all of I-80.

    This will be a one way trip. Reason for going to CA is that I was offered a job on the other coast and I plan to stay there for few years, hence I need a car. I am a good driver with a clean record.

    The farthest that I have driven was from CT to Florida. This was a two day trip all the way to Miami.
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  4. Default on the road

    Nobody replied :( But I am on the road anyway, and making a good time. This is my first time accross the country and I am learning many new things. For example, speed limits are much higher than the ones on the east coast. I drove from CT to FL and it took forever. This trip is moving much better. First day I made 750 miles and got just past Ohio. Today I got as far as Nebraska. I am at about 1500 + miles.

    I'll check in again to let you know how it is going tomorrow or whenever I get to the Internet.

  5. Default made it to Utah...

    Wyoming was the most challenging part to travel alone in the car. There are few cities and long stretches of road that are not very exciting to look at. However, yesterday there were some spectacular views both in Wyoming and then in Utah. There is sporatic snow under the trees and at the top of the mountains. It was very windy and a bit chilly, which was great to clear my head when stopping at the rest stops.

  6. Default made it to Monterey

    this was a long day but I did make it to my target. 3237 miles in 4 days. the trip was not too bad, since I did not rush too much and did not drive at night. the last part of the trip had spectacular geography and views as well.

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    Default Cool!

    Glad you made it and had a good time. Sorry you couldn't find a companion, but I actually enjoy travelling solo.

    If you wouldn't mind posting some photos and a travelogue of your trip under the Field Reports Section I'm sure that there would be many people interested in getting first hand experience from you.


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    Default Pretty close to silly

    Quote Originally Posted by PeterCT2CA View Post
    3237 miles in 4 days.
    As a solo effort, this is as close to crazy as I know. I have done a similar run with a co-driver in just under three days -- and that was pretty silly -- wow! I am impressed. 809 miles per day --


  9. Default Silly but not crazy

    Perhaps over the weekend I will set up the pictures and make a post. Unfortunately, my camera was low on battery while going through the first two days. Drive through Pennsylvania was beautiful, the fall colors were unequaled by any point of the trip. Ohio and other farm states had their charm as well. It must be a harvest season, and I have seen many farmers working on the fields. I was partly raised on a farm, so seeing these guys working brought a bit of nostalgic feelings. I started to make pictures in Nebraska and on. I did not make too many pictures in California since there was much more traffic and the roads became very curvy and required my full concentration. The Lake Tahoe area is very pretty. Some mountain slopes were covered with burned forests, which were probably not part of the recent fires. Nether the less, it was a grim reminder of what powerful adversary fire is.

    An interesting note, on the first night in California I was welcomed by an earthquake :)

    It was felt all the way in Monterey!

    Reflecting on the trip. I drove a car designed for such trips, it is Buick Century; a great highway car. It drove like a dream all the way and once on the highway it is very good with gas (35+ mpg). The tiers are from the last year, and I got good ones too, so even at higher speeds it was a comfortable and quiet ride. Before departure, car was at the service, which included transmission flush, brake system flush, and radiator flush. Expensive, but money well spent. My trip was aided by the fact that almost every day I was gaining on time (1 hour with each time zone). This mens that I could drive from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM and it was a 13 hour drive. Since I did not need to drive at night time, I was not sleepy and my eyes relatively fresh. Another thing that helped, was that it was a fall season and the air was brisk and fresh, so at the rest stops I would get a good dose of fresh and cool oxygen. Lastly, I did not hit any traffic on the way (except in Sacramento, CA).

    I think that going back CA to CT will be more challenging since I will be losing an hour with each time zone. This drive will require a bit more preparation and discipline. Lucky for me, this drive will not happen for a long while :p

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