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    dear all,

    i am a native new yorker and i need some help planning a road trip. my boyfriend is from germany (we met while i was living in europe) and is visiting america for the first time in december. we would like to take a road trip so that he (we) can discover and explore america to the fullest. i was planning on maybe a few days in ny, some in dc, then....who knows till florida. perhaps charleston sc? perhaps savannah ga? viginia beach?

    any tips of locations to visit, things to do, and places to stay would be very very very appreciated. i would like to get lost in the country side and stay in charming places. we are very flexible and have about two full weeks.

    thanks for all your help!

    all the best,

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    Sounds very romantic, and along those lines I suggest doing some research on B&Bs in those states, and in those towns. The online resources are a good place to start. Just type "B&B in [cityname]" into Google and you'll probably get quite a list.

    By the time you spend time in NY, DC, Virginia Beach, Charleston, Savannah, and maybe St. Augustine, or Cedar Key, FL, you'll have spent your 14 days. Those are all good places to visit and fun places to find cozy accomodations.

    Have a great time.

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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    One thing you should definitely do is ask your boyfriend what he'd like to see. If he's like many Germans, he will have a fascination with the American West. With two weeks, you could get to one of the many dude ranches in Wyoming, New Mexico or Arizona; but even in just a week or so of driving round-trip, you could get to some of the early cowtowns such as Dodge City or Abilene, KS, with lots of historic cavalry forts also in the area. Heading that way by crossing the Appalachians along the Potomac River and through Cumberland Gap, then by way of places like Mammoth Cave and St. Louis might give him a view of more different regions of America than just a drive down I-95 along the Atlantic Coast. I do agree totally with RedCorral that B&Bs offer not only settings that are more romantic than anything you'll find in a motel, but the proprietors are often great sources of information on what to see in their area.

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    Definitely Savannah and Charleston- for charming towns and a by-gone era feel, they are just right, especially the river walk and squares in Savannah. I would suggest Murrell's Inlet near Myrtle Beach, quite a nice stretch with really good food. Also near there is Huntington Beach State Park, has alligators and a ruined castle. The winter is also the best season to check out the Everglades.

    But, I would second AZBuck's suggestion to head west if he wants to explore America to the fullest :)

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    When you get to FL, I'd recommend driving along highway 1 or A1A (what it's called depends on where you are). These highways will take you right along the coastline and through the towns, rather than the 95 or FL Turnpike which will take you straight down the center of the state (and you'll miss the ambiance). I drove highway 1 from Miami to Port St. Lucie - it was such a beautiful drive!!!

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