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    Default Road trip April 08

    Hi guys,

    I am looking for some advice and ideas for a short road trip next April. I will be starting out in Kansas where I am going to a friends wedding then me and another friend are trying to sort a road trip lasting 7-10 days. We have kicked about a few ideas so far including the Grand Canyon and the Kentucky/Tennessee area possibly as far as the Atlantic Coast depending on what time we have. Any ideas on what is possible in these areas in this kind of time or other alternatives starting in Kansas would be much appreciated.

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    Default Kentucky/Tennessee

    Welcome to RoadTrip America, Scotsman

    I'm guessing you're likely gonna be looking at a circular trip to keep costs down? If this is the case then, whilst 7-10 days is a decent length of time, you're really not gonna get the Grand Canyon AND Kentucky/Tennessee in on one trip. You're gonna need to decide pretty early what sort of thing you wanna see and do and then decide if you go east or west.

    Whilst the west is undoubtedly full of natural beauty and charm, don't discount heading east. I've travelled most of the states in the south eastern corner of the country and I've loved it every time. Just some highlights of Kentucky/Tennessee that you might like to consider: Memphis (Graceland, Beale Street, Lorraine Motel), Nashville (fantastic music venues), Lynchburg (Jack Daniels distillery), Corbin (original KFC), Bowling Green (tour the Corvette plant), Lexington (not been but was told I really really should have!) and Chattanooga (Incline Railway, Ruby Falls, aquarium) amongst many others. The people are particularly welcoming and the real beauty as far as I was concerned was not seeing another Brit for the duration -- it's just sooo not touristy if you know what I mean.

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    Thanks for the reply Craig. You have listed a few places we were thinking of taking in and also a few I hadn't thought/heard of so I will be looking into them. Just to clarify the South East was one possible option with the Grand Canyon being another, not both in one go, we know that is a bit extreme!

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    Default Even for me!

    Yeah, it would be a bit -- even for me :)

    If you go for the South East then you might want to spend a bit of time reading the following reports from those areas for a few places you might be interested in:

    Georgia, N Carolina, Tennessee & Kentucky
    Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida & Louisiana

    Apologies for the length -- I got a bit carried away!

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