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  1. Default help! need ideas for Michigan-Alabama roadtrip

    So my boyfriend and I are planning a roadtrip as a college graduation present to ourselves. We plan on leaving May 22 and coming from Kalamazoo, Michigan and want to end up in Birmingham, Alabama. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any cool places to visit along the way. Thanks guys!

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    What are the things that you both are interested in? That will help us to narrow down good things to see along the way. How many days do you have for the trip? Looking at the distance between the two locations, it is about 730 miles - or two relatively leisurely days of driving roughly 7 hours each day.

    In between, you have Indianapolis, Louisville, Bowling Green, and Nashville. I would recommend Mammoth Cave if you've never been. There are several different tours you can take that range from about 30 minutes up to nearly seven hours, to really get out and stretch your legs.

    Nashville is a nice city to walk around in, and you don't necessarily need to be a country music fan to enjoy the place, either.

    I absolutely love the roads off the Interstates in that section of the country. I really have not found a county, state, or US route that I haven't enjoyed while visiting the area.

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    is there any way that we could do part of the natchez trace down to birmingham? Part of the parkway is in Nashville, isnt it?

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    Default certainly

    You could certainly follow part of the natchez trace for part of your trip. The North end starts just outside of Nashville.

    The National Park's Website has some good information, and a map which can help you get on the right path. The road uses a whole bunch of different "numbered" routes, but once you get on it, you shouldn't have any trouble following the signs.

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    Default Natchez Trace

    I drove part of it in Mississippi last week. It's very well laid out and the National Park Service has guide signs all over it. You shouldn't have a problem once you get on it (I had a minor issue with Mississippi closing down the on-ramp I had intended to take). I definitely recommend it.


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    Default Sleep in a Wig Wam

    You can have a real experience at Cave City, Ky, by Mammoth Cave by spending a night a WigWam Village #2. Have you ever slept in a teepee? I also enjoyed Dinosaur World across from I-65.

    I've also enjoyed visiting places where bourbon is made. The tastings are ok as well. Just byob in Cave City as it is dry as I found out much to my chagrin.

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