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    Three of us are driving to NYC this week for a couple of days. We have places to stay for the first night but are still looking for the rest.

    The trip is an econo road trip. Looking for somewhere close to Manhattan that is safe (one of us is 5 months pregnant) We do not need a lot of ameneties as we will not be spending a lot of time inside.

    We are also looking for funky places to stop for food and shopping along the way there and back.

    Would like to add something other then McDonalds, and truck stops to our itinerary.

    We are not in a hurry so getting off the highway for a bit is OK.

    Looking for suggestions!

    May also stop somewhere for a night on the way back.
    Any suggestions for Syracuse?
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    I did that trip last week in the opposite directions. It's a great trip, especially in the fall!

    One place to consider stopping is the Finger lakes region (, which consist of a couple of lakes with many wineries next to them. At every winery you can taste about 5 wines for 1 dollar. It's very nice! (Although someone has to stay sober of course, to drive...)

    If you like a scenic drive, take the route 97 from Hancock to Port Jervis, it's great, especially in the fall. But of course it's rather slow, it's not a highway. The road close to Port Jervis is a very nice drive through a mountainous region.

    I didn't find anything nice in Rochester. For a place to stop on the way you could try Ithaca, which is a student town (make reservations for a hotel/motel in advance though as I've found everything booked full two weekends in a row). Another place to stop is the Red Carpet Inn just outside Horseheads, it's kinda small (and only 2 pubs in Horseheads) but it's cheap ($50 per night).

    Oh, and don't forget to stop at the Niagara falls of course, if you haven't seen them! (Though it's kinda touristic..)

    Have a great trip!!

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