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    Hello to all,

    This is my first go at this so if its not quite right I apologise in advance.

    I am hoping some of you have some suggestions for me, I have decided for my 50th that I would like to travel down (or up) the east coast taking in Boston, New York, Savannah and Miami (and anything that could be suggested in between), I am allowing around 6 weeks but two of the weeks i have set aside flying to and from California as all flights from Australia come in there.

    I am prepared to fly to get to certain destinations due to time constraints but I would like to drive around wherever possible to take in the areas.

    I enjoy learning about history and also scenery I am not big on huge cities (thou I am going to NY :-) my exception to the rule and I really want to see Boston.

    So if any one has any suggestions for me I would love to read it.


    Interested Traveller

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    Default A couple of thoughts

    History and scenery, not a fan of big cities. OK, here goes:

    It would be helpful to know what time of year you plan to visit, as many attractions are seasonal and the advice as to scenery would have some seasonal inputs, as well.

    North Carolina's Outer Banks provide much in the way of scenery. Long stretches of National Seashore, lighthouses, beach communities, and ferries between islands and between island and mainland. Popular routing might include embarking from Cedar Island (actually a mainland ferry terminal) to Ocrakoke by ferry, then another ferry to Hatteras, see the big lighthouse at Buxton, and drive on north towards Nags Head, crossing the Bonner Bridge enroute. Just before you reach the Bonner Bridge you'll transit a large National Wildlife Refuge very popular with birders.

    Just a couple of hours' drive north of Nags Head is the Tidewater region of Virginia. Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown are well restored and attractive to history buffs.

    Within Virginia's interior are Charlottesville, home of Thomas Jefferson's home "Monticello", and any number of other presidents' boyhood homes and other historical sites. One can take a particularly scenic drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway and/or Skyline Drive just west of Charlottesville.

    Further north, Gettysburg, PA attracts Civil War history buffs and is located in a very scenic, rural area. One can travel up US 15 from northern Virginia and arrive in Gettysburg without having to suffer Washington, DC and Baltimore traffic.

    Welcome to the US, and have a safe and enjoyable trip.


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    Default History is one of the passions here too...

    Quote Originally Posted by Interested traveller View Post
    I have decided for my 50th that I would like to travel down (or up) the east coast taking in Boston, New York, Savannah and Miami
    Sounds like a pretty great way to celebrate your 50th and so welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! For starters I would get this book, written by one of the RoadTrip Advisers on this forum. It is excellent and will provide you a host of ideas.
    I enjoy learning about history and also scenery I am not big on huge cities (thou I am going to NY :-) my exception to the rule and I really want to see Boston.
    Gerald Thurman was in Boston a few weeks ago and you might enjoy reading some of his field report.

    Here are some more threads to consider:
    Civil War Sites -- posted by AZBuck
    A road trip in the SE in summer, 2007
    A field report about the Shack-up Inn in Mississippi
    Savannah and Charlotte Ideas from a local member.
    Some more AZBuck ideas for visiting New England:
    Shenandoah Valley by Mass Tim

    Happy Planning!


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    Thanks for your reply, I am not sure what time of the year we will be doing it I suppose that would depend on what we finally decide to see and do. I am at the beginning of this trip doing the research and asking lots of questions. "Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown" sounds intriguing that may well be a spot to research and I have been given some book titles to look at so I will order them and start there. Thanks again, no doubt I will have more detailed questions as time passes.

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    Thanks Mark,
    I have clicked on the links you gave me and have printed them off for some reading with a glass of wine after dinner. I have also ordered the book you recommended (it should arrive in a week or so). This is great it gives me a starting point and a chance to research on the net and so make this the best trip yet to the states. Thanks again will post again down the track when i have a million more direct questions!! Hopefully there will be more suggestions to my original posting as well.

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