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    Default Driving LV to Grand Canyon and back


    This is the first time I am driving together with my Family(total 5) covering the West Coast Area, LA/LV/SFO...need help or advice if my schedule looks okay :

    4th Dec - Drive from Anaheim to LV
    4th Dec - stay LV
    5th Dec - morning drive to Grand Canyon
    5th Dec - Stay at one of the hotel near G.Canyon(any recommendation?)
    6th Dec - Drive to LV - Mccarran Aiport and fly to SFO
    6th Dec - Stay at Fisherwharves hotel for 2 nights
    8th Dec - Drive to Yosemite
    8th Dec - Stay at Yosemite - 2 nights
    10th Dec - Drive to Lake Tahoe from Yosemite (? hours ? Distance)
    10th Dec - Stay 2 nights in Lake Tahoe
    12th Dec - Back to F.Wharve
    13th Dec - Fly to LA, back to Singapore

    A bit nervous driving along USA roads and am afraid that we will get lost esepcially with small kids with us. it will be great if advice could be given how to make the trip less stressful for me, as a lone driver, and the kids.


  2. Default Similar trip

    Hi Paul,

    As you know I am planning a similar trip on almost the same dates.

    I am as ignorant as you are for this purpouse, but mi first advice will be, get a car with a GPS and forget about getting lost.

    I cannot tell you about distances and how much to stay in each place but I hope you are going to enjoy this trip, and don't be afraid to leave something unplanned, things don't always develop as expected.

    Jacobo Norman
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    Default some ideas

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There's nothing wrong with what you've laid out, but I've got a few ideas you might want to consider.

    Instead of going from LA to Vegas, and then to GC the next day, you might just take a long day and drive straight from LA to The Grand Canyon, or at least Williams, AZ. That would be a little more direct and save you some time overall.

    Also, instead of Flying from Vegas to SFO, you might find that its easier just to drive from Vegas to Lake Tahoe, and onto Yosemite before going to Las Vegas. This could actually save you some money and possibly even some time over flying. You might also consider taking a day or two to drive down at least part of the coast from SF to LA instead of driving.

    Like I said, I think your current plan is fine, but these are just some things I would consider if I was making this trip.

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    I just typed a long reply but lost it when the browser crashed as I pressed submit... aaargh! Basically I was along the same lines as Midwest Michael with regard to the route. The basis of your trip sounds good; I just think it needs that little tweak.

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