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  1. Default Cross Country tour of US from atlanta GA

    hello me and 3 other freinds are planning a 30-40 day trip begining at the end may of 09 around the us. we are all from atlanta and will be starting from here. 1 of us has pretty well sized SUV that can fit us all and our luggage. we will most likely going to have a budget of 2000$ per person. for lodging i was planning on spending half the time in motels and the other in campgrounds. i was wondering if first
    Do i have enough time to do all of the us in 30-40 days
    Do i have enough money
    What shoould i allocate the budget towards
    What are some routes and places i should go to i was kind of thinking of a loop starting north from atlata then going up the east coast then heading west to chicago from there to maybe oregon then south to california and then head back east to florida then go back up to atl
    Is this doable?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'd say on the surface it looks like you should be ok. A month is close to the min. time needed for a big loop of the country, so obviously the closer you are to the 40 day point, the more time you'll have to explore relative to the time you'll need to spend in the car.

    As far as your budget goes, I'd say gas will be eating up at least half of your budget. Ballparking here, a big SUV might get 15 mpg, 15k miles for the trip, and $3 a gallon for gas (which could be low by may 09), that's $3k of your $6k budget right there. I'd say you'll be looking at another $1500 or so for lodging and camping fees, so that will leave you about $1500 for food and entertainment. That should be enough to get by, but its also going to be an amount where you'll need to keep an eye on your expenses.

    As far as a route, well you've got the entire country as a canvas, so I wouldn't even want to begin to narrow things down there. I will say, I like your plan of starting in the northeast and then finishing with Florida, because you'll be in a position to skip some areas closest to your home if you decide you want to spend more time out west, or you want to cut your trip short for any reason.

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