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  1. Default Roadtrip SF-LA-LV Summer 2008

    Me and my boyfriend from Norway, are planning a roadtrip next summer. He has family in SF, so we are planning to stay there for a few days. Tips of special things to see?
    After that, we plan to rent a car, so we can drive further to Los Angeles. Do someone know where we can rent a fine, cheap, fast car?

    And anyone that can recommand any good, cheap hotels/motels/hostels?

    Thankt :)

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    We've already got hundreds of posts about traveling between SF-LA-LV on the Forum. This thread has a few of our favorites, so between those links and using the search feature, you should have no problem finding all sorts of advice about things to see and places to stay.

    As far as the car goes, you really have to shop around. Any of the major companies are just fine, but you'll have to do some comparisons to figure out which companies will have the combination of car and price that works best for you.

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