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    Default Kiwis planning road trip September 2008 (San Diego/Mesa Verde/YStone/Yosemite ....

    Thanks for any ideas and thoughts that may follow ... My wife and I (from NewZealand) are planning a 3-3 1/2 week road trip next September after spending time in Europe. Having spent 10 days in the US during 2006, we loved our time and now look forward to 2008.
    We spent a day driving from Vegas to the Grand Canyon and back when oveer last year but are planning something a bit grander for next year. Any thoughts and ideas on the following initial plans would be greatly appreciated...
    Leave from San Diiego....Palm Springs...Joshua Tree NP...Death Valley...Vegas
    Zion NP ... Bryce Canyon ... North Rim Grand Canyon - Monment Valley .. Mesa Verde NP.... Moab for Arches and Canyonlands
    ..... the thoughts are to now head north via Salt Lake City to Grand Teton and Yellowstone. Finally we are thinking of driving back to Yosemite and down the coast road back to LA.
    Is this too much for the time we have...if it is, our thoughts are to go straight across to Yosemite after Moab and Monument Valley.
    Many thanks for the ideas, thoughts and opinions that will follow. We really enjoyed our 10 days last year and look forward with some excitement to 2008!

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    Default Sounds Possible

    With three to three and a half weeks you should definately be able to see all those things. But (isn't there always a but) you're not going to have enough time to explore any one thing in depth. This may be fine with you (I tend to be a quantity versus quality of miles kind of person myself). I haven't traveled in that area of the country very much. So I hope someone with more specific experience comes along soon to help you out.

    Let us know about routes, specific questions about places or your interests (history, silly road side attractions, etc) and we'll be glad to help out as much as we can.


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    Default How fast do you travel?

    The real question is how quickly do you like to travel? Personally I like to travel at 1000mph and cover as much ground as I possibly can - my attitude is that there's time to sleep on the plane home - but from recent experience on my last trip, I now realise not everyone is like that.

    Having travelled through the SW myself last year I would suggest focusing on that area and can the SLC/Teton/Yellowstone sector. Mileage-wise you can do it all but there really is such a lot to see and do in the SW that you'll probably be spreading yourself a little too thinly if you try it. But that is purely my personal opinion and I'm sure others would disagree :)

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    Thanks for your thoughts so far - a question we are struggling with at the moment is "If this is the only chance we will get to do a road trip in the USA, would it be best to see the southern areas around Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, Arches, Death Valley and Canyon lands or to go North and look at Grand Teton, Yellowstone and Glaciers on the border." Either way we will start in San Diego and probably finish in LA so we can drive the US Highway 1 on the coast. Many thanks for the thoughts and ideas - a great site for people planning road trips!

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