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  1. Default Vacation got snowed out, but got some good/bad news (another long road trip)

    Well, my vacation from Salt Lake City to Montana got snowed out :(, so I ended up spending most of my time in the mountains and Tetons between Jackson & Idaho Falls. It was okay, but I ended up spending much of my time in the snow and never made it to Montana.

    I was set back and stalled on the Friday of my vacation because I spent most of my time hustling and negotiating on the phone a transfer to Charlotte, North Carolina. I guess that was a good thing because I would have been stuck in some serious snow a little further north; but bad because this transfer was really sprung on me during my vacation.

    So this now leaves me with another road trip at the end of the month -- this time a cross-country trip for work... again!

    Thanks to Editor, I thought I did a pretty damn good job of exploring the South and Southwest from Florida to Utah, so now I would like to visit some states I've never visited en route to North Carolina.

    I will have the 27th of October to the 31st of October as driving dates, and will need to report to my new location on Thursday, November 1. Gas, lodging, temporary housing, moving, and storage are taken care of, so I won't have to worry too much about budgeting, hauling, or settling in.

    If the weather cooperates, I would like to travel through Central/Eastern Wyoming to South Dakota (Badlands & Rushmore), down through Eastern Nebraska, then Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and finally to North Carolina. This route would bring me through 6 states I've never visited, and will leave me with only 19 unvisited states (14 of which are within reasonable vacation/road trip distance from Charlotte):

    Before:States I have traveled in.

    (Hopefully) A map of the states after this trip

    Obviously, I won't have anymore than half-a-day to spend between Badlands and Rushmore; but does anyone have any good suggestions of scenic, semi-direct routes through these states? I don't plan on making any other stops in the Midwest, but I would like to see more than cornfields through my windows during this stretch.

    As always, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
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    Default Sorry your trip fell through

    Welcome back to the site. Sorry to hear your trip didn't work out but congrats on the relocation.

    You may like to read this article regarding South Dakota. I'm afraid you're travelling through an area that I don't know myself so hopefully that link will help until someone who does know the area comes along.

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