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  1. Default San Antonio to Los Angeles

    Well, technically 40 miles north of LA. =D

    Anyways, just before christmas, Im flying back to San Antonio to visit my parents/sister. While there, Ill be picking up a Suburban from my sister. (1984 Chevrolet C10 Suburban 4x2)

    Ive been down this route (I-10 all the way) both ways, 1 time each, neither time driving. First time was in a U-Haul towing a car, so we were on a tight schedule (U-Hauls arent cheap). The second time we were going back with mine and my brothers ex boss, also in a rental, and hes the type that only stops for restroom/food/sleep, and tries to combine them if possible.

    This is my first trip of more than 40 or so miles as a driver, and Im not 100% on the reliablity of this Suburban (it was bought with bad transmission, but seems to be in good condition, and Suburbans are near bulletproof, so Im not worried). Neither of these are a problem to me.. Im just watching TV and writing a bunch of random, useless information.

    Anyways.. Id like to at least make a few small stops along the way. Id rather not drive more than 15 or so miles off I-10, seeing as how Im guessing at best 15mpg from the Suburban, and Id rather not take an extra day unless I have to. Ive visited most of the curio shops, like The Thing.. but was hoping for something more like the Titan missle silo in.. Greensomething, AZ. That, however, is 24 miles off I-10.. might be a possibility still, but unlikely.

    Any recommendations? I live near LA, so dont care much about anything in CA. Itll only be me and my brother (23 and 29).

    Also.. any info on speedtraps along the way? What would be the best city to stop overnight in? Some place to explore. I should be leaving late enough to avoid all the New Years drunks. Ive lost all train of thought in this thread.. TVs more interesting. Ill stop now.

    Any info would be appreciated. =)

    Edit: Whoops.. planning on trip to be 2 days. Only planned for 3 if truck breaks down, would rather not spend the money on another nights motel for anything other than that.

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    Default What types of things interest you?

    I'm not sure if you're a nature person or what? But I'll throw out a few ideas:
    * the RV community at Quartzite
    * In the Greater Phoenix area: Arizona Capital Museum, Arizona Mining & Mineral Museum, Arizona Science Center, Museum of History, Wells Fargo Museum, Imax at Arizona Mills, Peterson House Museum,
    * Amarind Museum in Dragoon, AZ
    * In Wilcox, AZ - Chiracaua Museum, Rex Allen Cowboy Museum
    * Steinz, AZ - Steinz Ghost Town
    * Deming, NM - Luna Mimbres Museum

    Anything like this intrigue you at all? If not, give us an idea of the types of things you're interested in, OK? That would help.

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    Sorry, I was rather distracted at the time. =)

    Thanks for the reply. Some things wed be interested in are ghost towns, oddities like the roadrunner made out of junkyard parts in.. NM or AZ, forgot which.. museums (though prefer modern themes rather than nature themes.. unless its a nice, large botanical with some fairly exotic stuff), zoos/petting farms.. anything car/weapon/computer related.. =D Any local breweries that are really good. (Only near our motel, wherever that may be, of course.)

    Ive been looking up the places you mentioned.. but it appears that Steinz, AZ doesnt even exist. Im almost positive I remember passing through it, or near it at least.. so Im sure its there. Possibly wrong spelling, but Im not sure.

    Arizona Science Center definitely sounds like something wed be interested in.

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    Default Hot transmissions

    Nothing to offer in regards to routes and stops and such, but a few words on the truck itself:

    Heat is the primary enemy of automatic transmissions. Long distance open highway trips are the best way, outside of towing a trailer, to heat a transmission up beyond its ability to cope. Your orignial post does not specify, but leads me to believe the truck was purchased with known transmission problems but seems to be OK now without any intervening repairs or maintenance. I beg to differ with you on "Suburbans are bulletproof", especially with regards to automatic transmissions, as I have personally grenaded the transmission on a 1984 and on a 1990 model. Abuse them, and it's Game Over.

    If there's been no work done on the trans, I'd sure consider getting the fluid changed and the internal filter changed before the trip. See if it's got a transmission cooler (fluid lines up to a small radiator adjacent to the regular radiator). If it does, consider getting the radiator drained, flushed, and refilled. Such will allow the trans cooler to operate at peak efficiency inasmuch as its cooler relies on the regular cooling system to some extent. And don't be too worried about speed traps--you'd be very wise to stroll along slowly and peacefully in a 24 year old truck with some unknowns in its repair/maintenance past. Plus, running hard and fast will heat that transmission up quicker than anything you've planned on concerning this trip.


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    I will be doing a complete tuneup on it.. everything from spark plugs to trans filter to tires. This is a nonstock engine in it, and has been very well taken care of. The transmission is a 700r4, and I believe it might be an 82 or so, which is a time when the 700r4s werent so great. The transmission will either be rebuilt, or completely replaced.

    Ill also be doing this trip in the middle of winter, and while our southern winters are like northern summers, it still wont be the typical scorching heat out in the desert.

    While I dont intend on pushing the truck too hard... I certainly dont want to take the trip at 60mph. =)

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    Default 700r4 in an '84?

    That's a suprise to me. My feeble memory says a 1/2 ton '84 would have been a TH350 trans.

    But, with a non-stock engine, perhaps it's had a non-stock trans installed. A popular swap to get the overdrive of the 700r4.

    And you're aware the earlier 700r4s were a bit dodgy. My grenaded '90 model was a 700r4. I feel sure all I did wrong with that one was to cook it under tow and with hard-driving non-towing trips in summertime.

    Have a great trip and best of luck.


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