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  1. Default 1,5 month roadtrip NY > Miami

    I've planned my trip now, booked and paid airline tickets, hotels and a car. Now I just have to figure out what's worth seeing, since I'm only staying in some places 1 day.
    The route will look like this:

    (I'm going there December/January)

    7 days, New York >
    2 days, Philadelphia >
    7 days, Baltimore >
    1 day, Washington >
    Here I take the Bay Bridge Tunnel to >
    1 day, Williamsburg >
    1 day, Charleston >
    1 day, Savannah >
    1 day, Jacksonville >
    Just passing through St. Augustine >
    3 days, Orlando >
    1 day, Tampa >
    2 days, Miami >
    5 days, Key West >
    Back to Miami for 6 days (I fly home from Miami)

    I have a large wallet when I go there, so any suggestions are good ones. And I can't rebook anything, I've already paid for everything. This is the final route. I'd appreciate tips and opinions so much! Thanks in advance!

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    That looks like a reasonable schedule to me.
    Now, to determine what is worth seeing, we first need to know what interests you. For instance, when you're in New York - are you planning on just exploring the city itself during your week, or do you plan to venture outside of the city limits and explore some of the surrounding countryside? You could travel out to Long Island, or along the coastline of Connecticut, or even up the Hudson Valley for a day trip, if that is something you might enjoy.

    The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel is quite the sight to behold, and it's especially breathtaking to drive on during sunrise.

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    Thanks Tim!

    I'm interested in most stuff actually.
    In NY however, I think my #1 priority will be to explore the city, but I don't know how long that will take. I have a whole week there.
    Any suggestions are welcome, whatever you prefer doing when in any of these towns/cities.

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    Default The Urban Mid-Atlantic

    Just some odd stray thoughts and recommendations based on what I've found enjoyable along your route:

    New York: Central Park (of course). You could spend a couple of days in here easily and it will make a nice change of pace from the other attractions of the city. Ground Zero, the top of the Empire State Building, the Staten Island Ferry, the subway system, Greenwich Village, the American Museum of Natural History, any number of art museums, off-off-Broadway (see if the Thirteenth Street Theater is still operating in the Village).

    Philadelphia: Independence Mall, the Franklin Museum, Elfreth's Alley, the zoo

    Baltimore: Inner Harbor, Fort McHenry, everything Poe

    Washington: with less than a day, stick to the Mall - you'll already be overloaded

    I'm not quite sure how you plan to include Washington, the Bay Bridge-Tunnel and Williamsburg all into two days. To get from DC to Williamsburg using that unique crossing, you'll have to first head east out of Washington and cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge form Annapolis to the Eastern Shore, then drive down the Delmarva Peninsula to cross back to Norfolk on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. Not impossible, but a bit round-about.

    Charleston: Fort Sumter and the required boat trip across the harbor, a walking or carriage tour.

    I'm afraid I'm not that familiar with the rest of the cities on your trip. They're still on my To Do list for the most part. But do check NASA's web site and see if there are any launches scheduled for while you're in the Orlando area.


  5. Default Ny

    As a new yorker I must say do not limit yourself to just the city. Leave Manhattan for a day and visit Brooklyn which is right outside of Manhattan and accesable by the train in about 20-40 minutes depending on what park you want to visit. You have Prospect Park/Park Slope which is full of great restaurants,cool bars and a park that was designed by the same guy who designed NYC's central park. You also have Bensonhurst which has some of the best pizza and bagels in NYC. Also check out Long Island and check out some of New York's beach (Even in the fall.winter there nice to see)

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    Default Don't just pass by...

    either St. Augustine or St. Petersburg, FL

    Hi, Looks like a good trip with lots of interesting possibilities.

    In St. Augustine, the historic area is well worth your time on the way to Orlando. The Castillo San Marcos, Old Town and Spanish Quarter are right next to each other and provide a wonderful glimpse into our country's oldest continually occupied town (founded in 1565).

    St. Petersburg has the Salvador Dali museum which is a must see for lovers of Dali's imaginative surrealist paintings (many of them are surprisingly huge!) If you've ever wondered about the melting watches and honey bees in his paintings, you'll find the answers here. I'll give you a clue - in many ways he was a very troubled man.

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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