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    We are taking a 10 day vacation to the Pacific Northwest at the end of October for 10 days and need some guidance on what to see. We plan to fly in/out of Portland. We are interested to see Washington, Northern Idaho and Western Montana. What sites are a must see? Will the weather be a problem for travel by car on the mountain roads? We are from South Florida, and have never been through that area. Any help is appreciated.

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    Default Doesn't get much nicer....

    Quote Originally Posted by missvicki View Post
    We are taking a 10 day vacation to the Pacific Northwest at the end of October for 10 days
    If this was a normal year -- I would be able to congratulate you on the choice of travel dates -- usually October is nice anywhere in North America. Unfortunately, summer was nearly missed this year in the Pacific NW and the weather has already turned cooler than normal. That being said, there is still much for you to do and see. Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum!

    Here are some ideas:

    Crater Lake and Mt. St. Helens (this field report is from the early spring, but it still has some ideas for you).
    Northern California to Seattle
    Olympic Peninsula Ideas
    Some tips around Portland and Seattle

    Hope that gets you started....


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    Default There could be early snow

    I haven't paid attention to the more recent weather reports but for the last weekend in September, they were already predicted snow in the upper-passes in Washington. Snoqualmie Pass, which is at a lower elevation, was still clear.

    You might want to visit the Washington DOT right before you leave and during your trip to see what the mountains are like then.

    If there is ice and/or snow on the roads, you should be able to still see much of what you want to see. However, it's going to take longer to travel it as you adjust your driving for road conditions.

    Our weather is far colder right now than normal for this time of year. But that can change anytime. October is typically a beautiful month up here and I'm keeping my fingers crossed we'll get some of it before real winter sets in.

    What other specific help do you need planning your trip?

  4. Default Thanks for the info!

    Thanks all for the great information so far. I think will need help with lodging recommendations, as we don't plan to book much in advance due to not really knowing what areas we will like until we get there. We like not having reservations set so we can change our plans if needed. I was thinking of checking out local B & B's or cabins. Something completely different than what we get down here in Florida... ;)

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