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    I need a break from Los Angeles city life. I have a week off and i would like to go north of california as far as i can for 7 days. Any ideas where I can go ? How long does it take to get to the north border of California? I dont want to visit any theme parks, we have enough of those here as it is. Maybe more of the country scenery, beaches, trees, and leaves falling -considering it is fall after all.

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    Default A few initial ideas

    With 7 Days, you could do a lot. Depending on what you're into, there's a few different directions you could go.

    You could take the Coastline Highway up into Oregon, maybe even as far as Tillamook or Astoria, and do general sight seeing along the coast line.

    If you're like me and more into pine trees and mountain tops, I'd start with the Redwood Forest, venturing up into Southern Oregon into Crater Lake, back down into the Shasta-Cascade and the Siskiyous before heading home by way of I-5, maybe even visiting Yosemite along the way.

    This is just a start, let me know which sounds better and I'm sure I could fish up a few more specific ideas.


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    Default 1-2 days for the home trip

    As a general rule, figure that if you get as far north as Portland or into Washington state, you will need 2 full days to get home. If you get to approximately the OR-CA border area, figure one very long day.

    I think Brad gave you two great suggestions. If you let us know if these ideas appeal to you, both Brad and I can give you more specific suggestions.

    Help us help you by telling us what kinds of things you're interesting in doing and seeing.

  4. Default 7 days? Depends upon your taste for driving..

    If you're got 7 days, you can travel quite far... In the past I've left the LA/OC area and made it as far as Seattle in 7 days, although that was lots of driving (figure 2 full days up to the Seattle area, and 2 days back at least)

    Otherwise, the trade off is between if you want to spend your time driving, exploring backroads and off-the-beaten track places, or if you want to spent it looking over somewhere in detail, or just relaxing under the trees or next to the waves.

    If you take PCH north (and I've taken it from the Long Beach area, all the way into Oregon, on a single trip - just to see if what it was like), figure it will be about 4 days to the Redwoods, and maybe 2 days back.

    One trip I decided to follow the San Andreas Fault and went up the backroads along the fault from near Riverside to north of SF. Took about 4 days to do that to the end, since I was on real backroads as much as possible and exploring the places along the way.

    Another trip, a couple of friends and I tried to hit every wine area up the coast.. ended up at some wineries near Medicino and the Russian River, via Ontario, San Ynez/ Solvang, Paso Robles, Monterey, Napa, Sonoma and others. Took a full week to get up there, since we trying to really not drink and drive.

    Or, I spent several days just exploring the redwoods and nothern California/ southern Oregon. This was a speed run into SF, a full day in SF looking around, then up the coast from SF on Coast 1, through the old Russian settlement at Fort Ross, scenery along the coast, multiple stops and hikes in the redwoods, then back over the coastal range via Oregon Caves, and down I-5 through the central valley. That was 5 nights.

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