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    Default New York, NY to Austin, TX roundtrip

    I am leaving for a 12 day roadtrip next Friday. Purely Pleasure, no agenda other than to have fun.

    I will be leaving from Queens, NY and these will be my stops along the way:

    Charlotte, NC
    Panama City, FL
    New Orleans, LA
    Austin, TX
    Memphis, TN
    and whatever else in between

    Can anyone suggest some places to see in between my cities that I'll be staying in?

    Like National Parks, really good food places(dives), bars, etc.

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    I just did a quick map out of this on Google - it looks to be about 2700 miles one-way, that's a trip from NYC to Charlotte, to Memphis, down to Panama City and over to Austin.

    So - you've got roughly 10-11 days of considerable driving ahead of you - it's doable, but it might not be as relaxing as you would like. If you took Panama City out of the loop, it would cut that down somewhat - to about 2000 miles one-way.

    Are you planning on staying mostly in hotel/motel or camping or a mixture of both?

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    Default Loop?


    Is this a loop in 12 days? If so, and if the cities you want to visit are in the correct sequence, Google calculates the loop at about 3,800 miles. That averages 316 miles per day, or about 5 hours. That is lots of driving and not much visiting.

    That said, re: national park sights, you could spend some time on the Blue Ridge Parkway, see the Shenendoah National Park, Great Smokies, and/or Mammoth Cave.

    Of course, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and all of eastern Virginia from Charlottesville to Williamsburg are full of great historic sites.

    As for bars, Bourbon Street in New Orleans and Beale Street in Memphis should satisfy. Too bad you aren't going to spend a night in Atlanta. There are some good blues bars there. Can't give you recommendations for the other towns, but I suspect that Panama City and Austin will have active nightlife that won't be hard to find.

    To find interesting restaurants (dives) get off the Interstates and find the old state highways through towns. They seem to have the best seedy places to rot your gut.

    Are you going through Port Arthur, TX to say "hi" to the memory of Janis Joplin?

    This sounds like an interesting trip, so have a good time.

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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    Default It is a loop

    It is a loop in the sequence I listed and will be accompanied by my girlfriend/fiance who is very down to earth and not high maintenance.

    I know it is a good deal of driving but I think I've broken it down pretty well.

    I'm going to bang out the NY to Charlotte(10 hr drive) on the first day, have family there, stay 1st night and second night there.

    Third day head to Panama City(9 hr drive) and stay in a cheap beach hotel($40/night) for two nights.

    Fifth day, head to New Orleans(5+ hr drive) to a hotel near Bourbon that I booked on Priceline for $50/night for 2 nights.

    Seventh day, leave New Orleans and head to Austin(8 hr drive) where I have a long-time friend who plays in American Graveyard(band) and stay for 2 nights at his place.

    9th day, leave Austin and head to Memphis(9+ hr drive) and stay in a MOTEL6 for $40.(Hit Beale St, thanks for that)

    10th day, See Graceland and then drive however far I get and the rest is just getting back home basically right now.

    Left a day of relaxing in between each journey for the most part, and while we won't have a lot of time to do things, being on the road and seeing a lot of places I've never been before is the key.
    (I've never been west of basically a line from Florida straight up the East Coast, I think Ohio is basically the furthest west I've ever been)

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I'll report back when I return.

    Any other suggestions from roadtrippers would be great, we leave in a week.

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    Default Objects Online May be Farther than they Appear

    I just want to alert you that I suspect you are using online maps time estimates to figure your trip times, and they are frequently off.

    For example, its unlikely you'll be able to get to Charlotte in under 12 hours. Figure about 53 mph as a long distance average speed for your total travel in this part of the country, when you include stops and slowdowns for traffic, construction, food, and fuel.

    I think your trip is pretty decent though. You're pushing things a bit on your Austin/Memphis leg, since you want to drive all day and still see the sights in Memphis.

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    Default Sounds rigorous...

    ...but doable.

    Your relatives should be able to suggest things in Charlotte.

    The hotel should have a local tourist magazine for things in Panama City - mostly beach stuff I suspect.

    If you can't find something to do in New Orleans you either have no imagination or you are dead. I've always wanted to ride the riverboat Natchez, but never have. Give it a try.

    Austin should be great for bar hopping and live music. The hill country around Austin is scenic, too.

    You've got Memphis pretty well scoped out.

    If you go home via the Great Smokies National Park, Winston-Salem, NC is exactly half way at 10 hours.

    If you go home via Mammoth Cave it looks like Huntington, WV is about half way at 8.5 hours. (This is the shorter distance by about 2 hours.)

    While you are in this area, there are several distilleries such as Jack Daniels and Makers Mark, south of Louisville, KY that have great tours. And we visited the Louisville Slugger bat factory in Louisville once. Actually quite interesting if you like baseball.

    Other points of historical interest in Kentucky are Fort Boonesborough near Richmond, Fort Harrod in Harrodsburg, and Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill between Harrodsburg and Lexington. It is no longer run by the Shakers and they have a great home-style restaurant as well as rooms to stay in. That might be a fun alternative to "normal" accommodations. Check it out.

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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    Default thanks RedCorral

    Thank you for this info. This website is excellent and thanks for your time in responding to my inquiries.

    I'll be sure to give a report on my trip in a few weeks.

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