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    I'd like to take a three day round trip road trip starting and finishing in New Haven, CT. I guess i'd be looking to head up to Maine perhaps, but keen to see as many quirky roadside attractions as well as more mainstream tourist sites.

    Any tips on the best route, and places to stop off?


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    Default Fryeburg Fair?

    Quote Originally Posted by anothersam View Post
    I'd like to take a three day round trip road trip starting and finishing in New Haven, CT.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! When is the trip planned for? One of my favorite events in Fall is the Fryeburg Fair in Fryeburg, Maine -- plus, the fall foilage colors are often amazing that week. The fair is this week!


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    Sounds good. Im doing it this coming weekend, so the dates fit.

    Anything I should see on the way?

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    Default Roadside Attractions

    The RTA list of roadside marvels can be viewed here but we really haven't focused on New England sites very much. You might find more of what you are seeking on this site. Another site that I use is this one
    Amy Ziff put this list together for Travelocity -- again it is searchable by state and might be helpful to you.

    And I am sure that our New England members will be along soon for some local ideas.


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    Default Maine Attractions

    Here's a link to the Main Tourism site. There's also a link from there to Acadia National Park. I so wanted to visit there when I was up in the Northeast a few years ago, but ran out of time. I bet that this is a gorgeous time of year to visit.

    Also if you were a Dark Shadows fan you could check out Bangor and pretend you're Barnabus Collins for a day. Fangs and all if you so desire.


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    Default Maine and New Hampshire Alternatives

    As a former New Englander, the best advice I can offer you is to get off the main roads and slow down. There will be beauty, charm, and a bit of quirky just about everywhere if you are open to it, but that means you have to drop well below 75 mph and get out of your steel cocoon. I wouldn't try to get much farther up the Maine coast than about Rockland. Three days may sound like a lot, but really isn't, particularly if you're going to head inland to Fryeburg. Also remember that if you're going to be making the trip within the next few weeks, the main roads are going to be packed with leaf peepers. There are still plenty of isolated peninsulas sticking out into the Atlantic between Portland and Rockland, so explore one or two. Also, read through these possibilities to see if something strikes your fancy. On your way home from the Fryeburg Fair, if you want a taste of New England away from the crowds on NH-16 and I-495/I-84, look into using NH-153 and US-202 instead.

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