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  1. Default San Fran (to LA?) to Vegas to San fran in 8ish days..


    i know the answer is here somewhere but i cant seem to find one specific enough to my trip.

    I need your help and guidance.

    my friend and i will be arriving in Sanfran from the UK on the 11th of October and leaving on the 20th.
    the plan is to drive down to LV and make our way back for departure.

    i know there are many options but as this is my first tirp to the USA, we would like to cram in as much as possible. we were thinking of driving to LA then making our way to LV and back to Sanfran..

    what would be the best route there and back?
    what would you recommend we should see or do? catching a Baseball would be ideal..

    Lets hear your ideas..
    Thank you..

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    Default Good (and Bad) Timing

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I am only somewhat surprised that you couldn't find a thread that specifically answered your questions. Each RoadTrip is unique - that's the point - and given your general itinerary, you'd be looking for a needle in a haystack. Nevertheless, take a look at the discussions linked to from this post and this post and you should find something close or at lest some useable ideas. Just in general: your trip is manageable in the time you have available; you should certainly take the Pacific Coast Highway (CA-1) south from San Francisco to Los Angeles; and (depending on how much time you spend in L.A. and Las Vegas and whether Tioga Pass is still open) return to S.F. by way of Death Valley and Yosemite.

    Baseball, I'm afraid will be out of the question. The regular season finished up yesterday and the playoffs begin tomorrow. There is only team involved from your route, the Angels, and tickets will be impossible to get even if they are still playing by the time you get here. Minor League ball ended a while ago and college teams typically don't start playing until Spring.


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    Default a Baseball option

    Buck is right that finding a baseball game will be tough, as it is playoff time. Going through a scalper to get tickets to a game in Anaheim could be really fun though.

    San Diego might also be involved, but we won't know until tonight.

    However, if watching a baseball game was very high on your priority list, and you don't mind heading out to Arizona, there is one option. The Arizona Fall League will be in full swing during your trip. The AFL is a league where each major league team sends a handful of their best prospects to get some extra playing time. Its pretty informal and would have a minor league atmosphere. All of the games are in the Phoenix area, so it would be a fair bit out of your way, but like I said, it is an option...

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    thanks for the info.

    the route mentioned by AZBuck sounds like a plan. a baseball isn't must but we would like to sample an all American sport..if you get what I mean?

    right now this is how it looks.

    2 nights in Sanfran..
    1 night in LA
    2 nights in LV
    leaving us with four more nights to spread about..

    nothing has been booked yet, apart from our arrival/car in san fran.

    do you have any suggestions as to where we should stop along the way?..for me its ALL about the food and sites..even though I only weigh 10 stone.. :)

    open to ideas and suggestions..

    this site ROCKS...

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    Likewise i wouldn't mind knowing the seasons of all major US sports (baseball, American football, ice hockey, basketball) so i could catch a game when i'm over there.

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