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    We're planning to drive from Wisconsin to Seattle next summer and are looking for the "must sees" across the top of the country and in the Seattle/Vancouver regions. I'm geographically challenged so I'm not sure how many days to plan assuming we take three days out for national parks. I've heard Yosemite is wall to wall traffic in the summer, are there better alternatives? What's the best way across the divide, through Boise? We'll fly back from Seattle if we can swing the cost. Your expertise is much appreciated.
    Thanks, Marta

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    Quote Originally Posted by martawriter View Post
    What's the best way across the divide, through Boise?
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Determining what a member means by "best way" always stumps us. Shortest? Easiest to Drive? Fastest? Most scenic? For me, any route through the Colorado Rockies is my "best way" but I-80 and I-84 is certainly a good alternative. I don't know where you are starting from in Wisconsin, but a direct route would likely be ~ 1900 miles (through the Dakotas and Montana) so you would need to allow at least four days (traveling 8 hours per day).

    Here is an excellent field report about South Dakota
    Here are some ideas around Seattle
    In case you do dip south, here is a field report about Crater Lake
    Here are some tips about using online planning programs
    A general discussion about safe driving distances in one day

    Which National Parks were you considering including? And how were you going to include Yosemite in this route? Yosemite is way, way south of a normal "top" route between Wisconsin and Seattle. It can certainly be included, but you need to add 2-3 more days.

    Happy Planning!


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