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    Default wondering about saving road toll fees somewhat

    will be driving from east to west coast (California)April 2007. How could I find out regarding some kind of EZ pass system, as we have here in New York, to take me throught the toll system of route 80 west, etc. after I exit I90 west from eastern new york state? Our EZ pass system can be used on the New York State toll roads, saving money. I assume each toll interstate must have a system similar?

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    Default Some states do

    According to this page, the Ohio turnpike does not have an EZ Pass system.

    Here is a list that may help you out.

    Some states do offer a discount, and some don't.

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    Default O, No, I, Yes

    Ohio doesn't have any electronic toll system, so EZ-Pass won't work there.

    Indiana is just starting their Electronic Toll System, which I believe will be up and running by next spring. I think it will let you use an EZ-Pass, and it might give you a discount for using it.

    Illinois' I-Pass is completely interchangable with the EZ-Pass, and you'll pay 1/2 the cash price.

    The only other tolls going west are in Oklahoma and Kansas. I'm not sure if they will let you use the EZ-Pass, but I suspect it would say on their websites.

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