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    Default Racing around in Europe

    note: This thread was originally part of the discussion here and has now been split.

    My aim for next year is to buy a decent car and go explore Europe a bit. There's so many nice race tracks out there waiting for me...
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    Sounds good, i've seen a few photo blogs of people who have done it. Driving to Italy to see the car factories, a bit of mountain driving and going to Monaco would be cool. I've done the boring route to Le Mans but some day going the scenic route is something i plan to do as well.

    If you haven't been to the Nurburgring i'd recommend it, it is a beautiful region in the right weather. The people are great, accommodation is very cheap and obviously seeing the track itself is awesome. I did a driving course there so it was a nice mix of activity and exploration.

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    Default Cool!

    Have been to Le Mans four or fve times but am planning on taking a year off in 2008. It just became, I dunno, a little predictable. The drive down with the other 80,000 Brits was always one of the highlights of the trip but is nowhere near as good now that a) they built the fast toll road and b) the Gerndarmerie realised how much money there is to be made from Ferraris and Lambos on British plates :p

    Was watching the Italian GP the other week with a couple of friends and we decided to take off to Spa the following weekend. It was abolutely fantastic. It was a great track, sure, but the spontinaeity of the whole thing was what made it for me. We're talking about doing Monza next year and Nurburgring is definately on the cards - though not on race weekend! :)

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    Laura passes out from attack of forseen jealousy at Nurburgring. I want to drive that thing so bad!

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    I know what you mean Craig, to be honest i didn't find it as fun as i was hoping.

    There are plenty of Yanks who take the trip, in fact one of the instructors was a n American guy who had lived in a boggling amount of countries!

    It's worth going just to walk parts of the track (you won't believe the elevation until you're on it).

    It's amazing for a country like Germany to allow such a dangerous place to exist. If you really wanted to, you could just walk onto the track without a problem. Of course i would recommend only doing it when it's closed :)

    Monza is great, i was privileged to go there courtesy of HSBC and was taken for a drive around the track by Justin Wilson (ex-Jaguar F1 and now Champ Car). Loved it!

    Anyway, a couple of pictures you car nuts might like from the 'Ring.

    Taking the famous Karrussel corner

    A common car in the 'Ring car park

    Saudi guys had the shipped over for the weekend

    Dad outside the museum

    BMW Test Centre

    Hotel room (only 50 euros)

    The view

    Local village

    New M3 parked outside the hotel (pictured before being announced)

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    Default I have SO got to go there

    I am so desperate to get myself that decent car and get over to the 'Ring. Did you meet the wonderful Sabine Schmitz when you were there?

    Keeping it on a roadtrip related theme, which route did you take down and how long did it take you to get there? A friend tells me 4 hours from Calais but then she also told me I could make Spa in 2.5 hours. And that was just never gonna happen!

    And you've been to Monza too? I'm so very jealous of you right now lol.

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    Yes i saw Sabine, but didn't actually meet her as she was busy ferrying people in the Ring Taxi! If you want the full experience her family runs a hotel nearby.

    We took a direct journey, nothing scenic as we wanted to get to the track ASAP. To be honest it took no more than 4 hours including the ferry. It was brilliant really, no hold ups and we got to the ferry early and they let us get on an earlier one.

    As long as the motorway has no hold ups you will get there pretty quickly. The only problem is you do lose the sense of travelling as there is no big drama as you cross borders.

    As featured on Top Gear last night, i'd love to incorporate a Ring trip with some driving near the Alps one year.

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    Absolutely right. I am thinking of heading down to the Nurburg 24 next year. A friend races every year and has always promised pit passes, the works. Knowing my luck he'll not be racing next year though! Anyway, think I'll still go. Maybe, like you say, go and have a little spin around some real mountains :)

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