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    Default Need help with drive from Boise to Seattle in November.

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me if the roads are usually pretty clear in the mountain passes the first week of November? I'm flying out to Utah to bring my sister here and we're going to be driving her car back the first weekend in November. I'm hoping that it's early enough in the season (Nov. 3rd) that there won't be too much of a snow/ice problem, but looking at the weather reports today makes me a little nervous because they are already saying possible snow this weekend for around 4,000 feet. I'm sure it will melt quickly but do you think we're asking for trouble driving through the Oregon passes (Blue Mountain I think) and Snoqualmie Pass at that time of year? How bad does it usually get? I've only done one round trip drive through there and that was in April. Do they keep on top of clearing/de-icing those highways pretty well? And what about an alternate route other than I-84, I-82, I-90 if we do run into bad weather? Thanks for any help/advice!

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    There's really no way of knowing what you'll face until you're closer to your travel date. Its certainly possible that you'd see some snow or ice, but its also possible that you'll see perfectly clear conditions. The same really was true for your trip in April, it could have easily snowed then, but it didn't.

    If you are sticking to the Interstates then you shouldn't have much for problems, as they will certainly be the first roads cleared. Other than going over on I-84 to Portland and then up, there isn't another route I would recommend. If you are having trouble driving on the Interstates, you'll only make matters worse by going onto other roads.

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    Thanks! I was just wondering if it is very common for there to be much snow in those passes in early November and what possibilities we might anticipate. I will keep the Portland route in mind if needed.

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