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    Hi, we are getting married in April and since we both enjoy driving and riding we thought it might be nice to plan a road trip for our honeymoon. We will be leaving from Hattiesburg, Mississippi and would like to go anywhere that will get us back in a week. We are on a pretty strict budget so we would rather not spend more money than it would be to go on a cruise.
    Going very far is not feasible but going off the beaten path to some romantic spots is basically what we are looking for. North, south, east or west doesnt matter either.
    I guess what I am really saying is.....we are fresh at the beginning and ready to take any suggestions.


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    Default Congratulations on the pending wedding!

    Quote Originally Posted by MSbride View Post
    Hi, we are getting married in April and since we both enjoy driving and riding we thought it might be nice to plan a road trip for our honeymoon.
    The honeymoon I did with Megan was also a road trip, and I would counsel that you spend more time in one place than strictly on-the-road. There is nothing quite as luxurious as sleeping in after the stress of the wedding event.

    I think I would consider going to Gulf Islands area and hole-up in one of the local towns and spend my days kayaking and walking on the beach. I will do some more thinking on this and return later.


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    And another road-trippin' honeymooner here. We went down the Oregon Coast. I agree that sleeping in the day after is a good idea. We splurged on a swanky hotel in town and didn't get out of town until later in the day. It was nice to sleep in that first day. We really didn't get that far on this particular trip. We discovered Depoe Bay and the Whale Cove Inn and enjoyed the view over way too many margaritas and ended up getting poured into a bed that night. ;) I think it was especially fun because we had no destination, itinerary, or reservations. We just went with the flow and had a great time.

    I'm sorry I'm not familiar enough with your area to comment further.

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    Default Hattiesburg

    Ok - not married so can't help there, but I've actually been in Hattiesburg several times. I used to go to the All-South Orchestra conference down there every year.

    Anyway - You're in a good location to go to Florida, Alabama, South Louisiana (I'd head further west into the Lafayette Area), or even stay in Mississippi.

    Here's a link to Southern Living Magazine's Weekend getaway page. There are articles on Lafayette and Oxford. Maybe once you've narrowed down what you're looking for, then we can help with the details.


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    For our second marriage, we went to Hawaii, had the honeymoon for a week, decided we still liked each other and got married, and came home the next day. That was 21 years ago this April so it worked for us.

    The only town suitable for such an occasion that is near you that we know of is Cedar Key, Florida. It is a quiet, tourist friendly, coastal fishing village with a few good restaurants and a couple of nice hotels. It is about 500 miles, or a long day's drive from Hattiesburg.

    There are some other towns east of Panama City that might be cute, quaint, and romantic as well, be we haven't visited there. Anyway, going to the coast seems to be a widely approved way of starting your marriage. Check it out, and good luck.

    Craig Sheumaker
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