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    My cross country road trip got cancelled but I am thinking about going from New York to Montreal. This would be mid-October. Anybody done it or have any ideas or suggestions?
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    Mid-October would be a perfect time to head up the Hudson/Champlain Valley. The leaves will be at peak color, the air will be crisp, and there are a couple of different ways to go, both very scenic and both with lots to see and do. The one problem is that mid-October is, for those very reasons, peak tourist season in that neck of the woods, when everyone tries to see the same territory in the same week or two.

    So my basic suggestions are to figure out your itinerary very, very soon and see if you can make reservations. If not that should be a clear sign that 'winging it' may not be a good idea. This will not be a Speed Run, but a trip to be savored. You could easily get to Montréal in a day, but that is hardly the point, so give some forethought to how you'd like to spend the days you'll be devoting to this trip.

    As your basic routes, look at the Taconic Parkway and NY-22 on the west side of the river/lakes, and US-2, VT-100, US-7 on the east side. Both are extremely scenic and offer a number of opportunities to get out of the car for hikes, covered bridges, historic sites, ferry rides and the like. If you need suggestions let me know when you've decided on your route and timeframe. In the meantime, here are some ideas for Montréal.


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    Just finalized travel plans. We will be driving from Lakeridge, Connecticut (around Litchfield, Torrington area) and flying home from Boston. We've never been to Vermont, NH and would like suggestions on interesting towns to stop in.
    We are from California and would like to savor some New England charm. Thanks in advance for suggestions.

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    Default Time is of the Essence

    How much time you have for such a trip makes a major difference. My suggestions for both routing and venues would change drastically if you have a day vs. a week. You can start by looking through the threads mentioned here. There are more than enough possibilities listed there to keep you entertained no matter what your final plans end up looking like.


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    Default Vermont

    Vermont has a lot of great places to stop and see. VT-100 is a very popular route for a scenic drive, going up the middle of the state as it does. Depending on the foliage situation, though, it may be a bit crowded.

    I've enjoyed walking around in Bennington and Brattleboro, and hiking in the Green Mountains.

    You could stop at Hildene in Manchester for a tour. At the bottom of that page are links to several other popular attractions.

    How much time will you have for your trip?

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