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    My wife and I are leaving from Kansas City Oct. 1st to go and see our 1st grandson in San Francisco and will be camping with a big slide-in truck camper and take about 5-6 days to get there, spend 5-6 days there and then come back home through Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico in about 5-6 days. On the way out we would like to take a little more northern route through Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and then to Lake Tahoe in California and then to San Francisco, but we are unsure of which route to take and how the weather will be. any suggestions or information would be appreciated. We love beautiful scenery, small unusual towns and eating places, and have a tendency to stay away from most of the normal tourist traps. My wife had foot surgery recently and is still healing so too much walking, climbing or hiking is out of the question this time.

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    Default Been there...

    ...and done that drive many times.


    I grew up in KC, my parents still live in Gladstone and I used to live in San Francisco (still in the area) so I know the route pretty well.

    To make a good 5-6 day trip, my suggestion would be to string Rocky Mountain National Park, Arches National Park, Ely, NV, Virginia City, NV, Lake Tahoe, CA, and Placerville, CA into an itinerary and head out. There are several east/west roads you can take, other than the Interstates, for much of the trip, but they will cost some time. Hwy 50 across Nevada is a great way to experience that state.

    The weather should be good, assuming Trail Ridge Road through Rocky Mountain National Park is open, and with some luck you should see some beautiful golden Aspens at the lower elevations.

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    Default Congrats on the new grand-baby!

    Are you sure a 5 day visit will be long enough? Maybe you can stow him away and take him home? LOL

    It's always fun to travel a different road on the way back. You might consider going south to Barstow, CA, and then take the I-15 through Vegas until it intersects with I-70 and then driving that the rest of the way home. You will have some elevation gains through the Rockies but just sit back in the slow lane and enjoy the view. You should be fine.

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