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    A group of my college friends and I are trying to plan a two-week summer roadtrip westward from Madison WI. We were thinking about visiting as many national parks and "must see" places as possible, hopefully reaching the west coast eventually. We'd also like to do some overnight camping or take a break somewhere for a couple days. However, we don't really know what places are in fact "must see" or how to go about planning a route. We also didn't know whether we would travel a northern route (toward yellowstone/seattle) or a more southern one (toward california). Any input on potential routes (where to go/stay, what (not) to see, etc) would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

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    I don't think there really is such a thing as a must see place, because what's a "must see" for one person might not be a "must see" for someone else. Its hard to go wrong with any of the National Parks, but certainly with 2 weeks you'll have to do some picking an choosing, especially if making it to the coast is a priority. It is possible to make it to the coast and back in 2 weeks, but you'll need about 8 days just to drive there and back at a good pace, which means you'll have to keep moving no matter which route you take.

    The northwest has some great options, like Yellowstone, Black Hills, Glacier. But of course so does a more southern option, like the Colorado Rockies, Utah's great parks, and the Grand Canyon. I can't choose which would be best for you. What I might suggest is sitting down with your friends and start plotting out ideas of what you guys think will be "must sees" and then build your trip from there

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    Michael is right in that there is no one "best" but try this for a general framework. Head west on I-90 and spend some time in southwestern South Dakota. Continue on through northeastern Wyoming, south central Montana, and then on to Yellowstone. US-89 down to Salt Lake City hits a lot of high spots, and from there I-15 down to Las Vegas would take you by Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks. Turning towards home, US-93 south out of Vegas would take you over Hoover Dam to I-40 and the Grand Canyon. Working your way northeastward through Arizona on US-160 and US-163 would bring you through Monument Valley. From there it is possible to reconnect with US-160 to see Mesa Verde before heading up US-550, the Million Dollar Highway to US-50 east through the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. After a short jog up to Denver it would be a simple matter to follow I-80 more or less through Nebraska and Iowa back to Madison.

    In memory of my Mother (UW '36) and Father (UW '37), I got to walk your campus (finally) this past summer. Loved it.


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