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  1. Default east coast on september 2008, a brazilian need

    I need to go to Alliston (Canada)in the end of september 2008, and New York but would love to travel a little by car. Do you know any beautiful route that I could do and go to these cities and also see beautiful places?

    I´ve been thinking of Maine, Vermont or the cost of Massachussets.

    We are interested in nature, eat good sea food and see beautiful views of the red leaves.

    Can you help me?



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    Default Where are you starting from?

    Quote Originally Posted by mozacha View Post
    I need to go to Alliston (Canada)in the end of september 2008, and New York
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Where are you starting from and how long will you have for this journey?


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    Default The leaves of autumn

    If you are looking for changed leaves in September, your chances are better of seeing more of them in Maine than they would be in Massachusetts at that time of the year, though it is reliant on weather conditions as well.

    I would place a vote for the coast of Maine at that time of year - the Summer crowds are gone, so you can travel down US-1 without losing your mind. There will be traffic, of course, but not like the middle of July.

    Is Alliston in Ontario, Quebec, or somewhere else in Canada?
    As for New York - do you mean New York City, or somewhere else in the state?
    Just so you know the time and distances involved, Boston is about 230 miles from New York City, which translates to about 4 1/2 - 5 hours on the Interstate.

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