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    I am a fulltime rver that will be headed west from Craig,Co to los angeles, Ca at the end of October. We will be traveling interstate 70 west to IS 15 I believe to 210. Was wondering if anyone could reccommend VERY CHEAp places to stay. We know about walmart parking lots and truck stops but are looking for maybe BLM land or farms to park on the way. We want to save money but more importantly we want to see the country meet our neighbors things like that. We are self contained we dont need hook ups. So any info or interested folks please give us any tips or tricks you have for this route.
    Thanks a million
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    Default Nevada -- Land of the BLM!

    Quote Originally Posted by gypsyvag View Post
    We will be traveling interstate 70 west to IS 15 I believe to 210
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Your final destination in LA will determine which of the LA freeways you will be using. I-210 skirts the northern most section of LA. Here is a field report about I-70 in eastern Utah. Your likely passage in Nevada will be brief, but the state has more BLM land than any other state (except Alaska).
    We know about walmart parking lots and truck stops
    I would still read this article about boondocking -- it has excellent tips and then this one has more ideas for finding inexpensive places to stay. (look for the tips by Don Wright for instance).


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    Default BLM Web


    I just checked the BLM website and they have info for camping in the various states. Unfortunately, their page for Utah Recreation is down right now as they redo the website.

    However, the Moab office has several at this webpage. A call to the Moab office, or a web search for "BLM camping [statename]" via your favorite seach engine will probably turn up some usefull information.

    Also, there are books that list free camping sites all across the country available from a variety of online bookstores.

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