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    I am going on a one month drive from Los Angeles to Chicago, starting in just a few days. I had the trip all planned, but now I want to try to include Monument Valley as well.

    Originally I planned to spend two days driving from Grand Canyon South Rim to Albuquerque, spending the night in Holbrook.

    Now I am pondering if I can spend those two days driving 160 from Grand Canyon to Kayenta and then following 163 through Monument Valley and then to Albuquerque. What I am uncertain about is how to get from Monument Valley to Albuquerque, and where to spend the night. I guess I could follow 191 down to I40 (spending the night in Chinle for instance), or I could drive to Shiprock and follow 491 down to I40 at Gallup, but don't know where would be a natural half-way-point to spend the night.

    Any suggestions on a nice route from north side of Monument Valley down to Albuquerque and a good place to spend the night?

    I've never been in in these areas, and I am trying to plan this with google maps and various other web pages, so I may be completely off on distances and driving times...


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    You can certainly get from the Grand Canyon to Albuquerque in two days, even throwing in a drive through Monument Valley. You've got the part about US-160 and US-163 up through the Valley correct. What you'd then do is go about 5 miles past US-191 and take UT-162 east into Colorado, where CO-41 would put you back on US-160 a few miles east of Four Corners. Your best option for an overnight spot is Farmington, NM. If you have the time either in the evening or the next morning, a small side trip to Mesa Verde National Park (west on US-160) is in order. From Farmington down to Albuquerque is an easy drive on US-550, a scenic 4-lane highway.


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    Thank you and thank you!

    That was exactly the information I was looking for, so now I've got my hotel reservation changed to Farmington and can't wait to get on the road. :)

    I'll definitely take a look at Mesa Verde and see if we can squeeze that in.

    Thank you again!


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