US Highway 20 and the Northwest Tollway (I-90) in Illinois have received new names.

US-20 is now called the US Grant Memorial Highway for its nearly 200 mile length across the state. US Grant was living in Galena when the Civil War started and after the war, a grateful citizenry gave him and his wife a new home. It was from here that he conducted his presidential campaign in 1868.

It is a state historical site and open to the public. Make sure you check out the statue of his wife Julia standing on the grounds. There is a BIG controversy going on as to whether this is actually a statue of Mrs. Butterworth of syrup fame. I saw it last month and it sure looks like Mrs. Butterworth. There are those who say it should be replaced.

"Ladies and gentleman, the President of the United States of America and his wife, the First Lady of Syrup, Julia Dent Grant." I can see it now.


The old Northwest Tollway from Chicago to the Wisconsin state line by Rockford will now be named the Jane Addams Memorial Highway, even though she never owned a car and preferred riding her bicycle or walking.

There are some that say this is a long overdue honor for the social activist that happened because she was a woman. She is the first woman to have an Illinois road named after her.

The road passes near where she grew up and was buried, Cedarville, Illinois, and where she studied at Rockford Female Seminary, now Rockford College.

Let's Get those Road Maps Out and Make the Changes Right Away. --RoadDog