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  1. Default Solo female in need of road trip....

    Hello everyone, I am in need of some advice from individuals who are familiar with road trips. I am a 26 year old female and I really want to do a cross country road trip in October. Unfortunately, all my friends have other obligations, and no one can go with me. There is no other time in the near future where I can take weeks off at a time to do this, so I really want to do it now. I was thinking of flying out to Cali, staying with friends for a few days, then driving to the east coast. I have so many questions. Is this safe for me to do alone? Do any young females on this forum have any experience with this? If I do go, how many days should I allot? For a first time road tripper, are there places that I must see? Any advice would be wonderful!!! Thanks!

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    Default More women than men do it!

    Quote Originally Posted by keeponmovin View Post
    Hello everyone, I am in need of some advice from individuals who are familiar with road trips.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! If you look at this informal poll, you might discover that more more young women solo than young guys. There are many solo travelers who contribute here.

    Here are some threads for your read and ponder.
    Solo road trips and camping
    Some tips from Judy
    Some tips from Jillian
    Some thoughts on safety from a first-timer solo adventurer


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    Default Go for it!

    Everywhere you go, is where somebody lives. If they're safe there, you'll be too. Just use good common sense and read through the threads Mark gave you links for.

    Where to stop? That's harder to answer. What kinds of things do you like to see and do? Are there any places you've always wanted to see? Grand Canyon? The Alamo? Pikes Peak? The world's biggest ball of twine? Only you can answer that question. But if you give us some hints on what thrills you, we can give you some ideas.

    Also, get a good US map and mark the places you want to go and see if it gives you a good idea of a potential route. Share your ideas with us and we'll help you tweak it.

    You can do a speed run across the US in about 5 days but what fun is that? I would try to plan for at least a good 2 weeks. 2 months or 2 years would be better but 2 weeks would give you a chance to explore a bit along the way.

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    Default cross country

    I would say go for it. I am a guy, but have two sisters and I have prepped both of their cars many times for long distance travel. Get a trusted mechanic to go over your car or if its a rental, find out from the company if they have preferred service centers for cars. As cheesy as it sounds, I have found the service folks at walmart to be about the most honest in my travels and they are willing to show you the parts or whatever needs work.

    Now onto the fun stuff, what peaks your interests? Music festivals, local county fairs, church socials, car shows, craft fairs, whatever it is, let everyone here know and events and times can be pointed out to you. Make sure you have a good selection of music for the trip and/or a good book on tape/cd to pass the time in the car. I have found though that sometimes turning off the music is fun too.

    As for worries, dont worry. It will be a fun time for you and something that you will never regret doing. Take lots of pics and stop whenever and wherever something catches your eye. Keep posting here as to your plans, ideas, and thoughts.

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    My initial plan is to stop in vegas, see cirque du soliel, and then head out from there. I want to stop in the grand canyon, maybe hoover dam, other than that, nothing too specific that I want to do. I love music, and nature. I really don't have any desire see the typical tourist attractions. I wanted to go the southern route, maybe see some of Texas, New Orleans, Savanna, Chessapeake Bay. I can make this as long or as short as I want, so what would be the ideal time frame?

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    Default Music

    If you like your music then there is no argument about it. You have to make sure you pass through Memphis and Nashville. I have visited both this year and have to say they were great. Nashville in particular was fantastic.

  7. Default Grand Canyon Hiking

    I have decided that on my cross country road trip, I want to stop at the Grand Canyon for a couple days. I have been doing some research on trails, and have found that the south kaibab trail seems to be my best bet. I could do the one day, but I have also found information on a loop, which would require camping out for the night at the Bright Angel Campground. Here is my question. I am by no means an expert hiker. I do it on the weekends for exercise and of course beacuse it is fun. What would camping out at the Grand Canyon entail, and is it recommended that you ahve a certain amount of experience to do this? Would I need to get a crazy amount of hiking supplies, or would I just need a tent? Should I just bag the overnite and opt for two day hikes? If there are any other great places to stop, please et me know. Oh, and also, I am interested in kayaking, or white water rafting on the Colorado River. Any advice on this? This is all supposed to happen in Oct, by myself. Have I gotten myself in over my head?

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    Default Get the book

    Quote Originally Posted by keeponmovin View Post
    I have decided that on my cross country road trip, I want to stop at the Grand Canyon for a couple days.
    One of the best, if not THE best, guide books to the Grand Canyon is this one. The author is an expert climber and hiker and his tips for taking hikes in the area are excellent.

    An alternative to hiking is the mule trip -- read here for a vivid tale from one of the RoadTrip Advisors.


  9. Default 2 wheel trip...

    hi there,

    I am planning a trip over to USA and buying a bike, then riding a road trip for a bit, i asked similar questions.. i have allowed three months. Which is what your passport will give you under the Visa Waver Program. Or 90 days if you prefer. This saves on visa applications and a little bit of cost. You have not mentioned transport in your paragragh? Borrowing, leasing, buying? I am buying a bike, then i intend to bring her back on my return. I have contacted many areas and realised even the best laid plans would mean nothing when your actually out there, weather is a key factor, and rules for each state differ some what.. I am going it alone as well, and i have wondered if i will bump into anyone on my

    I have contacted many DMV offices along a possible similar route to you, as i have found buying a vehicle is difficult but doable so if i can be of help then let me know, i am planning to get off soon... Well TC and hope you have fun


  10. Default Trains?

    I am going to Tampa Florida for a few months, and here is another suggestion. I've driven many times, and flown many times.

    This time, I'm going to try Amtrak! The train goes where cars cannot, and you can pick desitions (multi city trip). For Instance, i'm going from Denver to Chicago...stay a night...then to Philly....stay a night....then to Tampa!

    Then, back to CO in January (and hopefully to Asia next year!)

    I hope you find a partner, and hope you have fun!


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