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    My friend and I are planning to do a road trip from San Francisco to Seattle on Oct 12 Friday. We plan to start from SFO on Friday night like 8pm and aim to reach Seattle on Oct 14 Sunday morning. Can you help me plan this trip, I intend to stay in a hotel on Friday night and Saturday night. So I have the whole of Saturday to spend. I prefer to go to lakes and scenic drives instead of museums or zoos.

    Thank you

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    Default The whole saturday

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Yes, you will have the whole Saturday, but you're going to have to spend pretty much all of it on the road.

    How far are you planning to get Friday night, and how much driving do you think you'll be able to get in on Sunday morning. Assuming you drive a few hours that first night and a few hours that last morning, you'll still need to be on the road for a solid 8-9 hours on Saturday to cover this distance. Its not going to be a tough trip to do, but you aren't looking at a whole lot of time for sightseeing.

    You'll pretty much have to stick to I-5 for this trip. You should be able to find a few nice places to pull off and do a little exploring, just don't expect to have all day to play around.

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