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  1. Default San Fran to Arizona in 3 Days???

    Hi guys,

    I am coming over to San Francisco in a couple of weeks and have hired a car to drive down to the west coast to visit family in Arizona. As the name suggests though I haven't really thought this through, as I was hoping to take in as much of the amazing scenery (Yosemite Park, Death Valley etc) as I can, but only have 3 days to do it. Please can anyone give me some advice on a route I can take to enable me to see as much as I can, but still stay within this time frame? I don't mind doing a lot of driving each day if it means I can see more. Thanks.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Three days would be sufficient for a drive from San Francisco to Phoenix that let you visit (at least briefly) the places you mentioned. Here is a post with links to several discussions of that general route which should give you some idea of what there is to do and how long such a drive with those stops should take. But if you are planning to do all this AND get back to San Francisco in three days, then no, it is not possible.


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    No, I've got 3 days to get there. Thank you so much for your guidance.

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    Sorry to be a pain again, but can anyone give me any recommendations for places to stay en route? My plan is to leave San Francisco mid morning on the Tuesday, try to drive to Yosemite Park and stay somewhere there. The next day to drive to and stay at Death Valley, then complete my journey to Arizona the following day. Any recommendations of where to stay and what routes to take would be great, as I have never done anything like this before. Many thanks.

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    Default Gosh....I'm not much help

    I haven't traveled these areas enough to give you this type of specific information. But there have been many posts on these forums suggesting the information you seek. You might try using the Search tool in the green bar above to read through previous threads and see what you can glean from it.

    Hopefully someone else will pop in here and give you a more specific answer. But, if not, start searching. You'll be amazed at the ton of information you're gonna find.

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