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  1. Default SF to Philly One way in October

    SF to Philly...Driving in a Prius... have about 9 days

    October 9th-18th or so

    Want to stop in

    Salt Lake City
    Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park
    detour north South Dakota for Mt Rushmore Area

    Any tips?

    Also... what's there to do along the I-80 accross Nevada

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    Default Other Than Routine Planning Tips

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I'm not quite sure of what you're looking for in the way of tips for such a mammoth undertaking. You've allocated enough days to make the trip in a fairly relaxed style with time available to see a few things along the way, and you've picked some good destinations for your detours. Do have a look through the relavent states in our States A to Z lists for some standard as well as off-the-wall venues along the way, and in particular, this report on southwestern South Dakota. As for I-80 across northern Nevada, your best bet is to just enjoy the scenery as you drive along and take a couple of breaks at the State Recreation Areas along the way, Rye Patch and South Fork.

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    Default Crossing Nevada


    My best advice for what to see crossing I-80 in Nevada is to not cross I-80 in Nevada. Not that there is anything wrong with the Interstate, it is just that you get a better feel for what is unique about Nevada on Hwy 50. Besides the wide open spaces, you cross several low mountain ranges (good roads, no problems), you can visit two fascinating Indian petroglyph sites just off the highway, and you pass through some interesting old mining towns. Ely has a very nice steam railroad to ride, and a yard and shop that are open for the public to investigate.

    In short, one of the charms of the wide-open west is to see it at ground level, being able to pull off when the mood strikes and just soak in the vastness of the American west.

    You would drive to Sacramento and then take 50 toward Lake Tahoe, Carson City, and Ely. You can either turn north on 93/alt 93 to West Wendover and cross the Bonneville salt flats on the way to Salt Lake, or continue east until you hit I-15, which you would take north to Salt Lake City.

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    Thanks for the replies!

    I think I will take your advice RE US-50 instead of I80

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