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    Default Sweden visiting for a southern roadtrip

    Hi guys

    We are a Swedish couple that likes to explore different places of the world by car. The end destination this time is Las Vegas and we are thinking about starting the voyage somewhere southeast.

    Since we have been driving around in Florida a couple of times already maybe a good place to start would be New Orleans? Or any better ideas??

    What we would like to get from you nice guys in this forum are some suggestions of the following issues:

    What route should we take?

    What is there to see on the way?

    Any “do not miss this” on the way?

    We have already done the San Francisco/San Diego/Grand Canyon/Las Vegas/San Franscisco route a couple of years ago so no need to rush up to Arizona.

    After looking at the map places like New Orleans, Mississippi river, Huston, El Paso , Rio Grande sound exiting, but we honestly haven’t a clue what is worth seeing in the southern USA.

    So please, help us out :)

    We will be able to start around Christmas and must be in Las Vegas latest Sunday the 6th of January 2008.

    A lot of hugs from a soon very cold Sweden…..

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    Default Some Things to Consider

    Välkomnande! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Two weeks is actually a fair amount of time to wander across the southern United States, so I think my first suggestion would be that you start out a bit farther east, say Atlanta for which it might be easier to find a good flight than for New Orleans. This would also let you see some of the charm of the Deep South through Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi before heading through New Orleans and Houston and on to the southwest. I-85 or I-20/I-59 to New Orleans will set you up for using I-10 across southern Texas and on to Phoenix as your basic route. The main things to see along this stretch include (besides the places you've already mentioned) San Antonio, Big Bend National Park, Carlsbad Caverns, and White Sands. Other, smaller scale, more intimate stops would depend on what your particular tastes are. The suggestions so far are just to get you started and show you some of what's available.


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    Default Thousands of...

    ...Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese.

    Howdy, If you are interested in wildlife up close, Bosque del Apache, in central New Mexico, is the winter feeding ground of thousands of Sandhill Cranes and tens of thousands of Snow Geese. And mid-winter is the ideal time to see them.

    The town of San Antonio, New Mexico is just a few miles north and maybe has a motel or two (I don't recall), but Soccorro is bigger with many more facilities, and just a little further away.

    It really is worth at least one night so you can see the sunset "fly in" when the birds move in large flocks from their feeding grounds to the marshes where they spend the night, and the "fly out" when they wake up at sunrise and chatter for a little while, then fly in huge flocks back to the fields where they spend the day feeding. An absolutely awsome sight.

    We had an experience one morning that I'll never forget. Driving from the marshes to the fields so see the flocks land, a family of 10 or 12 sandhill cranes happened to be flying parallel to the road. I accelerated a little to catch up, then paced the car to their rate of flight. The leader of the flock swung the group over right next to the car and just about level with our view out the window, and together we cruised on down the road for a quarter of a mile or so. They couldn't have been more than 15 feet away. It gives me chills to think about it!

    A quick look a the website of the Friends of the Bosque will give you info about the place and the many other kinds of birds and wildlife that winter in the Bosque. You can also contact them for suggestions of where to stay nearby.

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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    Default North Louisiana

    I'd also suggest starting out a little further north. The town of Natchitoches is as old as New Orleans and has subsituted for that city a lot since Katrina. It's not that far from Dallas or Shreveport, both of which have decent airports. In fact, on a whim, I looked up flights from Dallas to England and Shreveport to England and in some cases it was actually cheaper to fly into Shreveport. Rather odd since you'd still have to stop in Dallas to get into Shreveport.


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    Default Dallas

    I personally really enjoyed a day that I spent in Dallas earlier this year. See post #5 on this thread about my recent southern road trip. You might want to spend a couple of hours relaxing at the Hot Springs National Park and I will not tire of recommending the Garvan Woodland Gardens. If you've any interest in the history of the civil rights movement then there is a lot of history in that area which is easily accessible.

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