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  1. Default COlorado-Delaware 4 days

    hi guys,
    I am new to this so want suggestions...
    i am planning to move frm colorado to delaware.....i leave on wed early morning n hv to reach delaware by sat eve....
    so i hv 4 days.....can anyone sugges me the best route to take n if i can visit any places in between...
    thanks very much

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    As you may have seen in some other posts, venturing a guess as to what would be the best route for your trip is a virtually impossible task. There are pros and cons of pretty much any route.

    If you are starting from Denver, 4 days should be enough time to make the trip at a very comfortable pace, even leaving a little bit of time for some sight seeing.

    Depending upon where exactly you are starting from (Colorado's a big place) you've got a few options. You can go up to I-80 and take that east, cutting back south to Delaware via the PA Turnpike. You could also take I-70 pretty much straight through. Or you could take I-70 to St. Louis, then I-64 east to I-79 or I-81. But which route would be the best route for you, I can't say.

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