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    I'll be driving from Boston area to Sacramento pulling a full trailer in mid October. We are hoping to do the trip in 6-7 days.. Wouldnt mind doing a little sightseeing but realize that with a trailer and a parrot in the truck we
    will be limited. Any hints on the route or possible places of interest not
    far off the beaten path would be appreciated.

    Thought we would do @ 500 miles a day. Is this reasonable?



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    Default Limits and Other Roads

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I would think with the extra time required to drive while pulling a trailer, both due to your slower average speed as well as the extra time that every gas and rest stop will take (besides there being more of them), 500 miles is a good upper limit to what you can accomplish in a day's driving. Similarly, you can't wander off for even what are planned as short hikes and leave the pet in the truck. Even in October, temperatures in the cab of a locked truck will quickly exceed 100°F on a sunny day. So, what is available to you to make such a drive seem like less work than it really is. Well, there are some good roads that run parallel to the Interstates and offer at least a change of pace and the chance to eat at something other than the cookie cutter franchises that take up space at every exit. Just some examples: US-20 through central New York, US-24 across northern Ohio and Indiana. Not only are these roads less stressful than the Thruway and Turnpikes, they can save you a fair bit of money. US-30 along the Platte River in Nebraska would let you make some quick stops at some of the landmarks that were beacons on the old Oregon Trail. And don't be afraid to follow those brown and white informational signs on the highway and just take the occasional break at state and local parks.

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    Thanks for the welcome and suggestions AZBuck!

    We've looked at the route a little closer and also decided we really wanted
    to see Niagara Falls although it's a little bit out of the way, it also allows us
    to see a friend in Toledo. So this is the route we tentatively came up with :

    1. Boston area to Niagara Falls - @487 miles
    2. Niagara Falls to Toledo, OH - @327 miles
    3. Toledo, OH to Des Moines, IA -@ 563 miles
    4. Des Moines to Kearney, Nebraska- @317 miles
    5. Kearney to Rawlins, WY - @ 464 miles
    6. Rawlins to Elko, NV - @519 miles
    7. Elko to Foresthill, CA ( Home) @399 miles

    How does that look? Anyone have any hints on this route? Day
    3 we may cut down and stay in Iowa City instead .. we'll probably just
    see how it goes.



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    Default Looks good

    I think your plann looks pretty good. The only slight concern I would have is with day three. The distance is pretty long, plus you'll likely be slowed down traveling through the traffic of Chicagoland.

    You might be better off stopping in Iowa City or Davenport. If you stop at one of those places, you'd be in great shape to have a huge breakfast in the Amana Colonies.

    Since day 4 is short, you could still easily make it to Kearney and the rest of your trip looks good!

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    Yea, I'm thinking Iowa City or Davenport is a good plan.... thanks

    What's the Amana Colonies???? I LOVE breakfast :)

    Thank you ,


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    Default Amana Colonies

    The Amana Colonies are just one of a number of attractions in Iowa that will be at your disposal.


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