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  1. Default Advice for young roadtripper, CA to MD!

    Hello everyone,

    I am a recent college grad (22 y/o male) and I am planning to pack my car up to drive back home in the next few days (Leaving this Monday...Santa Barbara CA to Rockville MD). This is going to be my first road trip (driving it along too) and I just wanted to put up a general post to see if I could get advice on a few things:

    *My car doesn't have air conditioning (but has air/heat), will driving the southern route be too hot (I40/I44/I70)

    *I am planning to take my time and make this a semi-leisurely trip with about 6-7 hours of driving a day...I would like to see a few places but I don't want to wander off the interstates too far. Any good recommendations?

    *I am going to try and spend as few nights at hotels as possible to save money...would I need to reserve spots at campsites this time of year? Are there any good hostels that you would recommend?

    This website has been incredibly helpful to me the past few days... thank you in advance for your advice/insight!


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    Default Head for the...

    ...high country.

    Will, seems to me that if you head toward the Grand Canyon, then point your nose north through Utah's Zion, Bryce and Captiol Reef and Arches National Parks you'll have great things to see and campgrounds that don't require reservations to stay in. Alternatively, head toward the 4-corners area and go north through Colorado toward Colorado Springs or Denver. After that head east across Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, etc. Again, you should find decent weather and open campgrounds along the way.

    Unless you are driving a real rattle-trap (a term my grandfather used to describe a junker) I wouldn't worry about wandering away from the Interstates. Even off the big roads there are lots of resources available if you have a breakdown...if you have a road service plan (well worth the expense).

    Have a good drive home, and keep cool,

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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