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  1. Default Driving from New Orleans to Portland, Oregon in November

    I lived in Portland after the hurricane in 05 up until December of 06. It was then that I decided to move back to my home town to gain some closer and, if nothing more... to say good-bye. Well, it has not even been a year since I have been back in New Orleans and I am ready to go back to the great and beautiful Pacific Northwest!! I am leaving New Orleans on November 9th and driving to Oregon to begin my new life!! I need a bit of help though. I have never driven cross-country before and when I lived in Oregon last I did not have a car (although I did on occasion borrow friends cars) I have never driven through snow... since I am driving in November I am not sure what to expect on my journey. Have any of you ever made a similar trip? Any suggestions? Places to stop along the way? routes to take? any info will be great!!! Also, I am bring my cat... poor kitty has done some moving .. Portland is actually her home town... this time we are driving back together... any suggestions on driving with your pet???

    Thanks!!! Misty

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    You can find snow in the Rockies at almost anytime of the year, though I suspect you are more likely to run into it when you will be traveling versus now.

    How much time do you have to make this trip? By the quickest route, this looks to be about a five day trip, possibly six, somewhere around 2650 miles. This route would take you up through Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, etc.

    You could also head West through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and then head up the West Coast. If it were me, I would watch the weather reports about a week ahead of time and go from there. Up until that point, however, I would plan two or three routes, just in case.

    We have some links to information about traveling with pets here and here, and here is a good thread discussing traveling with a cat.
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