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    Hello all,

    I drive the honda civic DC Hatchback. I love driving that car and came across this forum. I plan to drive all over the place in my car and this site is good for ideas. No cruise control in my car though.

    Recently, I took a 200 mile drive and drove non-stop for about 3.5 hrs. After the drive, I noticed that my right knee (the foot I use for driving/braking) was sore and is tender. I am wondering if there is a way to avoid this and drive long trips.

    Also, any other suggestions to make the overall trip more comfortable are more than welcome.

    Thanks all.

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    Don't drive for that long without stopping. Not only do you tend to get sore, but your concentration waivers. I make a point to stop every 1-1.5 hours when out on the road. Even if it's just to stand on the side of the road and stretch a little. It's amazing how 2-3 minutes out of the car can make such a difference.


    PS - After long trips I'm always a little sore. It's just my price for the pleasure of a roadtrip.
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    Default I agree with Laura

    You also might try adjusting your seat a bit.

    But it's very important to move so stop at scenic overlooks, historical markers, and places with great photos opps and hop, walk, run, stretch, whatever. To be honest, if I do this, I never got sore when driving. It's only when I don't do it because I'm trying to burn miles where I might get a bit sore.

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    Default Guess I should Explain

    The only reason I ever get sore from driving is from an old back injury. So Judy is right that you should not be sore from driving, normally.

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    Default Moving is the key

    I agree with Judy, the only time I get sore is when I'm racing the clock trying to lay down as many miles as possible. Case in point my first trip from WA to AZ had a lot of stops, I felt great when we arrived in Phoenix. 3 years later, did the same trip (slightly different route), but didn't stop very much, and I was sore for a week. No matter what you do, standing up and moving is going to keep those miles from wearing you out.


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    This is a little off topic, but do you know that you can add cruise control to your car? It isn't even very expensive. It's less than $200, and if you're handy you can do the work yourself.

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