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  1. Default NYC to FLORIDA in a 5 days ish???

    hi there folks.

    me and a friend are coming over from the uk next june to drive from NYC to L.A in a month but im concerned just about some of the first leg.

    we're picking up our hire car from JFK on a tuesday morning and hope to be in orlando to meet someone else off a plane the following saturday evening.

    our itinery from new york is to visit niagara falls (we were thinking maybe get there tuesday evening, stay over, and see it weds morning.) from then we are pretty much open to ideas but would like to work down the I-95, we've heard theres a few bits to see along it.

    we'd like to pass down through washington DC if possible but after that, we'd just be looking to advance in good time but see some sights along the way.

    we like movie references....typical cheesy tourist attractions, most sports, weird and whacky stuff, great views, so any ideas would be appreciated.

    but overall, is this doable between tuesday dinner time ish, and saturday evening????

    thanks in advance.

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    You don't have quite as much time as you think for the portion of your trip between New York (NYC) and Florida. NYC to Niagara Falls is a day's drive. You could actually drive it in as little as 8-9 hours if all you did was hit the Interstates (Motorways) and get there. But I doubt very much that you will be able to do this on the day you land in NYC since you will probably have been awake for the entire flight over and suffering from jet lag. So let's assume that you get only a modest start on the drive to Niagara before you need to pull up for some sleep, but that by the end of the second day (Wednesday) you can have finished the leg to and seen Niagara Falls. That would leave Thursday for the drive to Washington, and Friday and Saturday to get to Orlando. Now DC to Orlando is around 850 miles, so you can accomplish that in 1½ to 2 days, especially with two drivers. But, this whole thing is just a bit hurried, don't you think? On the drive down I-95, there will be plenty of roadside kitsch, but you won't have time for much of it. The one 'must see' on this road in this regard is South of the Border in South Carolina. Don't worry, you can't miss it.


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